UV unwrapping...

Is a pain in the butt! How would I unwrap something like this properly or most efficiently? Its semi organic, and I really don’t have much experience in it. Advice,tutorials,tips? All appreciated!

Pitcher.blend (530 KB)

well your not too far off as it is. just put a seam down the inside of your handle and the back of the interior of the jug, though it doesnt really need it as the jug is mirrored and the uvs will be copied from the mirrored side. unwrap it again and you just need to flatten the uvs that make up the rings of edges around the jug. select each of the edges that make up the ring with alt select and type S Y 0 to scale the edge on the y axis to zero so its a straight edge, just like it is on the model. do that for each horizontal edge and you should have a workable uv map

So i’ve done what you said, or what I think you said… Does it not matter that the lines are curvy looking on the model? Since I am making a custom texture? I guess if I was appling a texture directly it would matter? Or have a missed something, Should I do the same on the X? Or is that too much and would make it un workable? Im a bit confused, but trying here!
Pitcher.blend (530 KB)

ETA: YEs I know the texture needs to be cut in half XD

Do distortions not matter unless you’re applying a flat texture to an object?

You should unwrap objects according to the texture you want to put on it without a texture there’s no way of deciding which way to go.

For this object I selected linked faces (divided by seams) and chose cylindrical then used the auto straighten from the UV menu on loops of the unwrap.
It doesn’t sound like you enjoy unwrapping but if you did you could use spherical for part of the pitcher and cylindrical for part and stitchthemtogether.
The geometry of your handle is … not good. You should remodel the pitcher and make the handle grow out of it rather than tucking it in like a doggy tail.

auto what now?? when did we get this?
(go on tell me its been there since 2.4something!)

but yeah if your just going to paint the textures in texture paint then you uv’s will be fine, but using an image texture you need to have the image open so that you can see how its going to look. your model is curvy so your uvs are going to be curvy too, you cna straighten every thing as DruBan says, but that sometimes causes problems too. look on the model for stretched parts of the image, those are the areas that you need to tweak. just scale them on the x or y until the texture starts to look right.
see, if it already looks right, you dont need to straighten it :slight_smile:

It’s under weld/align… The biggest reason to use this is if you are using atexture that is seamless tiler you wnt the edges to be exactly vertical or horizontal