UV Vertex won't appear in my Photoshop

Hi guys this is my first thread on this forum so, let’s just cut to the chase. this is preatty unusual scenario.

i was going to UV Mapping, well a box, with 3 faces being deleted. after i mark seams and Unwrap it, as usual i select all the faces, and then i saved the UV Map, however…

when i open it on Photoshop, i can’t see the edges, so everything is blank.
anybody know why this is happen?

uh…nevermind, i’m such an idiot, didn’t realize i didn’t selecting Export to UV Layout, but anyway thanks. i look forward to communicate with you guys.

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At least you figured it out :smiley:

One of the things I did when I was working on textures in Photoshop was to not only export the UV wireframe, but also to set up a simple image texture in Blender and paint on it to establish particular landmarks, even if it was just some painted colors in areas to make sure I was reading my texture wireframe correctly in Photoshop.

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