UV viewing in Object Mode

This is a n00b question; clearly.

I am stepping slowly through the wiki n00b tutorials and I have run into an oddity. I am currently at the point of UV mapping, and I cannot get the UV map to show in the 3d view. It renders just fine, but shows as a black sphere (the tutorial is: Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/UV Map Basics). The texture map does not show unless I render, yet the tutorial implies that in object mode you can select texture drawing and it will show the UV map.

Any ideas? I am not running the hottest system by any stretch, but I can’t see how a single UV map would stretch the bounds of my video card (GeForce4 128 Mb).


Thank you,

PS. Yes, the texture is twisted around at the equator. I’d like to be able to view it without rendering before I play with tweaking it…


I think you are using shaded view instead of textured. See the attached pic.


No, I am honestly using textured. Shaded look a tad better as the light actually shows on the surface, but still no texture. All objects are on the same layer.


Well then…I’m at a loss.