UV wackiness and a discouraged newbie

Hi All,
I’d appreciate any thoughts.
I made a mesh of a realistic earthworm and am trying to unwrap it. There is a single sub surf modifier on the worm, but it has not yet been applied.

The worm is straight and symmetrical along the x axis.

I have made several configurations of seams to try to get an even - even symmetrical at least - UV layout. Here are some screen captures.
In one, you can see I tried to use a proportional editor on an island and it left the endcaps unchanged.

The other the pieces are very distorted and many are not symmetrical.

Help? Please. I have gone through two blender books and several online tutorials with no luck. Thank you kindly who try to help me.

Blender 5.43 Mac OSX


I would just manually straighten out your first UV unwrap there. Just as in edit mode, you can ALT+CLICK loops. Then press W and Align-X or Y. Beyond that, I can only think that maybe there is one little edge missing in the edge loop seam (that is hard to notice).

EDIT: post your seams in edit mode and we might be able to better understand / recommend something.

you might check edit buttons for the ‘angle based’ unwrap option. Also, it looks like there may be a problem with the seams, or maybe the mesh. select all in edit mode, and hit the ‘remove doubles’ button, just to be sure there are no redundant vertexes. Also, it looks like you used more vertexes than are really necessary. Your worm might be a little sluggish once rigged. The only place that really needs tight edge loops are the grooves. on the non groove parts, it could be much sparser.

I removed the sub surf modifier, added a few more seams and also found a small missing edge on a seam near the mouth end - Thanks for the tip on that… It seemed to help. I think it is better. There’s that one island with the small end.

Wow a reply from Modron. I was reading your most excellent chapter in the blender book last night! Very cool. Thanks.

It does have a lot of vertices. I made the mesh a little dense to balance the detail necessary on the worms little prickles or whatever they are called on the bottom. I didn’t want to make large faces on the top of the worm and tiny on the bottom. I’m learning.


ah, so that is why worms feel rough to the touch. glad you liked my tut. I have been meaning to make a new one since the options have changed somewhat since the 2.3 series, and will probably publish it in the tutorials subforum eventually.