UV Warp mod help needed (video showing problem)


Originally posted this in the texture help forum but I guess its more suited here? I’ve also made a video showing the problem i’m having.

I’m trying to use a UV warp modifier to make textures move for a mouth of a character but it’s behaving strangely. I can get it to move and I’ve been following the only 2 tutorials I can find online but I have no idea why it’s doing this.


What I’ve done : -

Made a PNG with various mouth shapes on.
Made sure each mouth shape is directly over a vertex so I could snap the mover bone to it.
The head is made up of 3 materials, one for the head, a segment for the eyes and the mouth segment. The eye and mouth UV’s are just a basic material, nothing special.

I can move the mover bone around but it is selecting mouth shapes which are in a different part of the map.

Here’s a quick vid of the behaviour

The tutorial I was following was this one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beTOy-dwOOc

I thought I followed it to the T but I must have gone wrong I just cant find out where. Been messing with the x,z and y coords but it just makes it travel in another whacky way