UV Warp Modifier for 2D animation

Hello I am working a simple rig to select different eyes on a plane for 2d animation. I have set up the UV Warp Modifier and it is functioning. However I have 2 issues.

When I move the selector object to the right, it moves the UV to the left and vise versa. It always moves the UV the opposite direction.

The UV is moving way to fast, Ihave made the cube the size to be lined up with each image but I dont know how to make it work.

Could someone familiar with the UV Warp Modifier take a look and help me out?

Thanks so much

OK I figured it out. For some reason switching the 2 objects in the “from” and “to” slots made it go in the opposite direction.

Next play around with scaling until the selector and guide match up. They ended up having to be very small.
Parent everything to another object and use that to scale back up and for moving the rig.


Now I’m glad it all worked out in the end for @sethjames9000 but this is at least the third totally different method I’ve seen for using the UV Warp modifier, and I don’t mean in a “more than one way to skin a cat” way. In all the tutorials I’ve seen (mostly YouTube videos and of course TFM) none of them share a common logic! Every time I’ve used the UV Warp modifier it’s been hit or miss, mostly miss. I’ve seen it used with bones, empties or meshes used as the source and target. And now, searching for some clues on this site I’ve run into this thread which switches the source and target!

Can anyone please succinctly explain the definitive correct way to use this modifier? Thank you!

There isn’t a correct way. Use it however you want.

Let’s say you use a UV warp to warp from an empty at 0,0,0 to one at 1,0,0. What that does is shift your UV coordinates by the difference: in this case, a shift of +1.0 in U.

The thing is, shifting UV coordinates to the right seems to make the texture shift to the left. As you map further to the +U, the world position mapping to a specific texel slides further and further to the left. That’s just how UV coordinates work. Want your texture to seem to slide to the right? Then either slide your texture to the right (with, say, an animated texture image), or else slide your UV coordinates to the left.

For anybody just trying to quickly get a texture that seems to slide, reversing the apparent from and to objects is probably a good idea. But you can use UV warps for lots of effects, more than just sliding apparent textures, and either way is equivalent-- just a difference in how you control it. So do whatever you want, it doesn’t matter.