UV Warping An Object in 2 Different UV Textue Sets


I want to uv warp an object in to 2 different uv textures (uvtex1 , uvtex2) . actually i want to use it with UDk , so i want to utilize 2 different uv channels for different texture.
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I don’t know the full functionality of UV layering and such but I do know that you can create as many UV associated with the model.

Here is the way to add UVs: have object selected and go to Object Data buttons in Properties panel. There you will find UV texture pull down. Every time you hit [+] icon, by “A” on the image, you create new UV layer. Now if you go to UV Image Editor window corresponding layer can be brought up, “B” on the image. Add different UV unwrap on different UV layer one at time.


I am still trying to see how texture can be painted over from different layer to base layer.

I am still trying to see how texture can be painted over from different layer to base layer.

I think it is as simple as entering texture paint mode, you have the tool shelf option defaulted for Projection paint there I believe. You name your source layer and then paint into it.

Thanx for the info.
I think i am unable to explain my self. I have 3 cubes in a scene. I have unwarped first cube in uvtex 1, 2nd in uvtex2, 3rd in uvtex3. Now i have 3 uvtextures. When i export it for UDK, and then try to add up materials, it simply doesn’t show up. and when i check the uv maps, 1st map and 3rd map are exactly the same. so the textures don’t show up.
I appreciate ur help.

Which version of Blender are you using, and are you exporting with script? This three cubes you have, are they all joined to a single object?

There is no such thing as a “UV Texture”. There are image maps, mapped to uv coordinates. I’m not trying to be a jerk, I’m mean that each material can have several uv mapped textures, and several uv layouts. Confusing. Using the correct terminology will help others to answer your question.

Here is the file which i am using.

I am using both ASE & FBx exporter. Using 2.57b (Same problem goes with 2.5x versions).