UV window blank

Hi Guys,
I spent 4 hours trying to unwrap a model last night. It would not show in the UV window after selecting unwrap.I downloaded an unwrap tutorial with .blend file and suddenly it worked. This means there is something in my preferences or settings in 2.58a that is preventing the unwrap from showing up in the UV window. Is anyone aware what setting that might be?


As far as I’m aware there is nothing in the user preferences preventing it.
Did you do a render and have the rendered image in the image editor when you uv unwrapped. The unwrap won’t show in them circumstances, you need a blank or an image file open in the uv image editor window

Thank you Richard.
No previous render it was showing just the usual grid. I’ll check on the loaded image idea.

I have more than one object in the scene which are hidden. No go. Only the UV tutorial .blend is working. I can launch 2.58a fresh try to unwrap the cube. No go. It looks like all my model .blend files have this problem. I suddenly can’t unwrap. That is why I thought a preference setting. Could you explain loading a blank in the UV edit window.

In the meantime I’ll load my objects into the Tutorial .blend file unwrap and texture them and save the results as separate files, eventually merging them into a final scene later.

Attach your blend (or an example of an object that doesn’t work) to your post or http://www.pasteall.org/blend/ so the problem can be identified. Almost impossible to give a non guess answer without actually seeing the blend file.

I’ve never pasted a file here don’t see how it’s done so I pasted it to the pasteall address you mentioned. I guess you go there to see it. It’s called angel 12 no render.blend.

Sorry it took so long to respond, I had to do an illustration for the TV station. I appended the offending objects in the Tutorial .blend file and was able to nicely unwrap them. I’m quite sure all of my blend files are corrupt or there is a bug I irritated with my settings.
I didn’t have access to the attachments function as this is my first post. Also the pasteall sight useage is not immediately evident so I don’t know what I actually did there. Anyway I saw your work at your site. You are fantastic! I love all of Meddings work and Andersons too. I hope I can get as good as you soon. TTFN Swan

Finally got access to the attachment function. This is one of my first files. It would not unwrap. I deleted it and added a new cube which also would not unwrap. All my files except the UV tutorial mentioned earlier are like this. I downloaded and installed a new copy of 2.58a no change.:no:


Tyre1.blend (902 KB)

are you unwrapping to an image? if so, try again using an image of dimensions 512 x 512. if it works, then it’s a graphics card issue.

I open your blend, split a window and make it a UV/Image editor window. In this window I have to delete the Render Image that is currently there (this should not be there by default so you have changed your startup default). This is treated differently to all other images in the window so cannot be used for unwrapping and the unwrap would not show up. Delete it to make a blank window. Then I can unwrap your tyre.
Demo: http://screencast.com/t/rMcR1orNP0R5

Hi Modron,
Havn’t had the chance to make an image because when I click the unwrap switch nothing happens. This failure occurs on all but one of my blend files, the one I downloaded from a tutorial site. I don’t think it’s my computer or GFX card ( Asus 3.0gig, 4gb ram, Nvidia 9500 gt) I think I changed something while studying the smoke tutorial that is systemically rejecting my old files.

Thank you Richard.
It was your first guess. I don’t know why I didn’t notice it before. I could have saved myself two days of irritation. Thank you too Modron. I will keep your information in mind also. I expect I might encounter that problem in the future.