UV window will not update in the VSE upon moving back n forth thru the clip...


                                  I am unable to make the UV image update at the same time as the output video port. Here are my steps: 1. I open the UV window, 2 I change to MASK mode, 3 create new mask and rename it to "blur", 4 I open the clip as a reference, 5 I open the properties, <i>click the 'match movie length' button and check the Auto refresh tick</i>. No way, the UV window remains static as I move thru the video. Output updates ok, UV will not. Blender 2.78. What am I missing?

The UV/Image editor only updates when you load an image OR render an image. To draw a mask you will have to press F12 each time you move the play head. Or write a script to make Blender do this each time.

Thank you.

He is using 2.72, whereas I’m 2.78. Dunno if it really matters at all.

Forgot to mention: I do load a clip into the UV editor, but pressing ‘match movie length’ and ticking the ‘auto-refresh’ box will do nothing to sychronise both UV editors and Video Output windows.