UV wrapping problem with texture paint

I am a new user so I’m unable to upload an image, but basically when I shade one area on my character’s unwrapped eye using texture paint, another area on the eye gets colored. When I try to cover up the other side of the eye, the original shaded part has a hole in it, and it’s a tiring process. From what I can tell from looking it up it’s an unwrapping problem, but I don’t know how to fix it or if that’s even the problem. I’ve tried seams, completely remaking the eye many times, remodeling the shapes, trying with different textures and materials, and nothing seems to work. Please help!
I’ve followed many tutorials exactly and no one has mentioned this so I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

It sounds like you have overlapping UV’s. Hard to say without an image.

How are you unwrapping? Smart Project? manually placed seams?


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Without images or the file this is just guesswork. You can raise your trust level in order to be able to post images and files up to 5MB by spending just 10 minutes interacting with this forum; reading posts, liking some art work, commenting on something you appreciate.

You can also share your file via an external link.


Smart project