UVblending demo

This demo uses a modified version of the vertex color splat script, instead of the detail layer there is a shading layer.


The Z transperancy feature worked better for me in blender 2.43 preview 11c, found here

A bit more flexibility with the navigation would be nice.
The demo looks really cool. The “i don’t know how you call that technique” with trees in the distance that disappear when far away, is very good. You should go for a larger project. Performance is very good.

hey jas
Thats really cool would you be willing to describe the process a bit.


nice, I get ~100 FPS. It looks like MGS3 Snake Eater, which is, imho, the best console game ever.

you mean culling?
yes nice demo, the better controls would be nice

I’d love it if you’d publish a minitut on how you got the Vertexsplat script to work. I’ve tried for a very long time, and I seem to replicate everything that’s in the example.blend, but to no avail.

I thought MGS3 was the best game on consoles and PC

Give the script in the demo to all the objects you want to have uv blending.
first you put the different textures you want on different parts
of the terrain, then you color the insides of the textures not
the boundaries, like this
the amount of black you apply makes the blended texture more or less transparent, then unwrap
the UV coordinates, next create a new set of UV coordinates
found in blender 2.43 11c then give the terrain a brand new blank
texture and deactivate Vcol Paint and Shadeless in the materials
then press ctrl+alt+b to bake the light map, save it
and set it to the third texture in the texture tab, the first texture should be image type but with no loaded image, the second texture slot should be the background texture to use behind the blended textures
switch back to the first uv set, reactivate Vcol and Shadeless in the
materials tab and start the game.

Hey thanks, I’ll give it a try.

I thought MGS3 was the best game on consoles and PC

Is it available for PC?!

no no I meant it was better than any pc games I’ve played

You Blaspheme!

It had a lot of replayability

So did Oblivion, but I won’t hijack your thread with this argument. For your sky, check out my tutorial: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=85215

Wow thanks Dim, I didn’t do it exactly like you did but I think I got good results.

It does look good, except the sun seems like more of a column than a sphere. Could be the perspective though. Also, is the sy dynamic? I’m curious where you deviated from my method, and what you actually did.

I didn’t say it before, but your scene looks superb, though I REALLY wish Blender had anti-aliasing, because your scene would benefit a lot from it. See if you can force your videocard to antialias your scenes.

Thanks. I think I fixed the column sun.
I tried forcing antialiasing, but it wouldn’t work.
What I did differently was I lowered the camera, made it point straight up, and increased the aspect ratio so I got the entire sky in one render.

Awesome work!!

WTF is control-alt-b?

I have tried it a few times and nothing happens… is this to bake the vertex colors according to the lighting of the scene?

please excuse my ignorance, that looks like a very useful feature .

TIA :slight_smile:

It’s a new feature to blender 2.43 11c, the link is at the top of the page. This automatically bakes shadows into one texture.

I can activate anti-aliasing manually! Everybody probably can. ATI and Nvidia can do it.