UVing Mirrored Object (amature needs help)!

Hello everyone!

When it comes to blender, I’m fairly confident in my modeling, but texturing is far from comfortable for me… I need lots of practice!

My problem is, I’ve been working on a space ship (the WIP thread is http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=163458), and, I want to do as good a job as possible with the texturing of this bad-boy. Having tried a couple of experiments, I’m leaning heavily toward UV mapping as the way to go. Here’s my actual problem… I’ve modeled the ship using a mirror modifier which has worked out great, and, seeing as 99% of the texturing of the ship would be mirrored across the ship, I was planning on doing the texturing that was as well, but there are a couple places that mirroring the texture map would not work. Such a place would be at the front of the ship where I plan to put the ships name and serial number. There are also a couple other decal locations around the ship that mirroring a texture would not work.

PLEASE any ideas how to do this? Is mirroring the textures the way to go, or should I apply the mirror modifier and texture the ship as a whole? Would decal’s be possible? Any suggestions would be VERY VERY much appreciated!


Here’s what I usually do in such a situation: apply the mirror, but delete all the parts that you want to be mirrors of other parts. Then, UV map the whole thing and afterwards mirror the parts that need to be mirrored; they’re now copies of UV-mapped geometry and have the same UVs.

If you plan to bake anything, be sure to place the copied parts outside of the 0-1 UV space. The texture tiles, but only the 0-1 area gets used for baking, so if you’ve got a 1024x1024 texture in the UV editor, select all copied parts and press g, 1024.

Thank you very much, that’s actually a clever idea I would never have thought of. One question though… when I go about re-mirroring, would I be applying the same modifier as I initially used, or, when you say to mirror it, do you mean to duplicate the mirror parts and simply do a mirror transformation (not modifier)?

The Mirror modifier works on the entire mesh, so it’ll mirror the parts that you don’t want mirrored (like the name and serial number) too. You’ll have identical faces on top of each other, which is nasty.

Better to just use mirror with Ctrl+M. If you select a vertex on the symmetry axis and press Shift+S then 4, your cursor will snap there. Press the . key and that’ll be the origin of your mirror, so then all you have to do is select all the to-be-mirrored parts and use Ctrl+M.