UVmaping help

hello newbie here. I’ve had blender 2.37a for some time now and have been messing with it. I have ran into a problem trying to get a uvmap to work correctly.
I’ve followed several turorials word for word and it seems either I’m forgetting to do a step or a step is missing in the turtorials.

When I render it within render it seems fine, but if I export it and look at my work the textures arent there.

How do I assign material to the obj in blender for uvmaping. I went through the steps, but from what I’ve read it really doesn’t say anything about assigning materials to the object.

I’m starting to like 3d modeling and am trying to learn as much as I can. Its kinda addicting.

I am just learning myself and had the same trouble. I eventually figured it out. What I did is created a new material for my mesh. gave it a texture. set the texture type to image and loaded the same image i used for the UV map. Then back in the materials buttons, I went to the map input tab and set it to UV. My render now has the textures in place. Hope this helps out a bit.

If you are still confused I can screenshot the procedure for you.

I tried what you said and it still refuses to export my UVmap. :frowning: I’m still messing with it. I even created a new cube to put the uvmap on, but it just wouldnt work.

I know I’m missing a step, but can’t figure out what it is. All I did was add a cube and a few lights and a camera to see how well the lights are placed. The went thru those steps and exported.

I get different error messages one was "I can’t find material.001 or something simular to that. one other is alcnullmaterial error.

Not sure what it means, but I can probley guess. its looking for something and can’t find it :wink: which is kinda obvious, but what that is I don’t know.