uvmapping is backwards on final render

I finally learned how to uv mapping and it is really cool and somwhat easier than I thought, but I have some problems. The first image is what I see in the Camera View then the second is the loaded uv map image and the thrid one is the final render. My question is why it is not rendering like in the camera view and it is rendering the words backwards and the oppiste side of the blade? The sword is now way rotated when rendering.


any help would be appericated and thanks in advance

Can’t even see the text on the render… add a light or something…

Anyway, I’d say it’s completely unnecessary to UV-map that.

uv map any thing you want to.can you post the blend? looks like you maped the image wrong some how.I’ll take a look if I can see your set up. if you upload or email your blend make shure you pack it first.( file menu) then the blend file will contain the image that you are useing as a texture.

It is not unusual for Blender to unwrap a mesh in reverse.

Simply go to the UV\Image Editor select all vertices an mirror them.

Then do your adjustments as needed.

are you sure you have your texture mapped to UV and not Orco or similar?

The textured view in the blender window uses the UV map directly, but the render goes through the material. Unless your image is set to “UV” in the Map Input panel as traitor said, or you have “TexFace” turned on, the UV coords will be ignored at rendertime.

Be aware that what you see in the viewport is how the image is being mapped onto the mesh. At render time, blender references how the image is being mapped onto the material. The two can look different.

I just wrote exactly the same as phlip, never mind - the thought was there!

Okay thanks for all the tips, i had to selected all verticles and flip the mirror on x axis and rotate the blade and that seemed to work. Again thanks for everything.