Uvmapping tutorial : four pages online

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I finally found that I had to start with the beginning.
Since I want that anybody can read my tutorials and find something of interest in them, going into the uvmapping of Vidigiani P-40 subsurfed model was just too involved for most people for a first contact.
The general index for all the tutorial is at http://membres.lycos.fr/bobois/index_anglais.html .
Look for the last entry in the tutorial list : it’s the uvmapping tutorial.

These four pages are not half bad as they are. They make for a nice, kind introduction I believe, as I left out most of the technical jargon ; yet, at the end of page four, just anyone should be able to uvmap a cube face by face and get a nice result. Of course there is more to come.

Nevertheless I absolutely need your help. I need you to tell me what points are still sticking (especially if you are new to Blender), if you were able to complete the tutorial, if some of my English is too puzzling to understand, if there are missing, misspelled words or if you found some funny typo.

Even more importantly : I need you to tell me what you want to see in such a tutorial and what gives you the most trouble.

Thank you all.
Good day.

(S68) #2


I’d say that the tutorial is cristal clear and I couldn’t find any (evident) english error. Two color text makes reading really easy, figures are clear.

I think that the following steps would be:

1 - Placing a decal (a small image over a big body)
2 - Drawing an UV texture so that it fits well

Or these are already too advanced?

Keep it up


(pofo) #3

UV-mapping here I come!

8) pofo

(theeth) #4

I agree with Stefano, your explanations are really crystal clear, and the two colors text makes it easy to pinpoint exactly the “what to do” from the “how to do it”. Good job! :slight_smile:

Number 1 could be made into a comparaison of the Object mapping method, which both can make decals easily.

also, it could be intersting to have:

3- Mesh unwrapping
4- Seamless mapping

but that may be a bit too advance for your tastes.


(IamInnocent) #5

Not really. It should come fairly soon, the drawing of a texture first, still using the cube texture so to keep it simple. And to place a decal it wouldn’t hurt to know how to use a 2D soft to add some black and white or some alpha.

I should also propose more formal tutorials for those who can absorb a lot of dry information and try it out on their own.

Thanks Stephano

(IamInnocent) #6

Thanks for the comments. I am taking note of your two request

(IamInnocent) #7

OK. Page 5 is online and you should like it.

I’ll do the translation in French next (but is it really a translation since I live and think in French ?) and then take a little break.

(dreamsgate) #8

Thanks for the tutorial. UV mapping is next up on my list of blender things to learn.

(ectizen) #9

The tutorial works! I can UV map! Woohoo!

:smiley: !!


  1. !!

Time to start work on the Second Grand Project!

(DAK) #10

Every day I try this site and every day your tutorial site no work.

(LaWMan) #11

Thank you so much! It really made me more secure about texturing.
Very well explained for newbies too. Waiting for continuation.