UV's and catmull-clark subsurf modifiers

Hi everyone,

I’m having a little trouble with one of my UV maps. Basically, I’ve made a map of an object with a subsurf modifier. The map seems fine, but when I render the texture seems stretched out. Now, I know this is caused by the subsurf modifier because the UVs are not subdivided. But, I’ve also selected the option to use the subsurf modifier in the UV’s. This does not work when I’m in “catmull-clark” mode. But it does work when I use “simple”, but then I get horrible geometry.

So is there a way to fix this? Is this a bug, because the textured preview seems fine.


I think I’ve heard of the Subsurf UV’s option only working well for Catmull Clark when said modifier is last in the stack.

If you have more than one modifier, then move the subsurf one to the bottom.

Thanks for the tip! It wasn’t what you said it was, it was a problem with my attributes. Still, I appreciate your help a lot!

Thanks again!