UVs on their left or right side

I want to confirm, if I understand this right. Are UVs dependent on face normals direction? If the normal is pointing outwards on the model, then the UVs are facing the viewer (me), and if the normal on the model is pointing inwards (flipped) then the UVs also come out flipped. Right?

I don’t think UV maps store anything like face normals. The same pixels are projected from the texture to both sides of a face.

Not really with face normals, since the normal info comes with the face… But it makes a huge difference when you’re using normal maps.

Ok, but how to avoid UVs being flipped - on their left side, sort of mirrored. I made a test, simply unwrapped a cube, and somehow Blender knows which side is the ‘right’ side. What if I unwrap some model, and the UVs are flipped? Another example: I made another test, I chose a face on the cube, and Projected from View, but purposely projected from the wrong side, and the UVs came out flipped. So how to avoid it, and how to fix it if it happens, do I have to manually flip all the UVs or is there some clever option to do this, sort of recalculate?

There’s no right or wrong here. It’s just a matter of setting up everything as you may need. If uv’s are flipped and that’s not what you want, then you can still change them in the UV editor.