UV's Under Cycles Engine

I have blender 2.62 release. I have it set to Cycles engine. I can’t see the checker pattern after unwrapping. Clicking Textured under view port shading does nothing. I watched bunch of videos on UV’s but they all had render engine set to blender internal. I think I’m missing a setting somewhere. Thanks for your time.

there is anode to add the checkerboard in cycles


I think your main issue is, that Cycles does not set up material up by defining Material and fine tuning with Texture as in BI, but you only set up a Material using nodes. I suggest you watch some tutorials to get up to speed:
Introduction in Blender Cycles Render Engine on Blender Cookie and any of the follow up Cycle tutorials there
Introduction into Cycles and Create a Realisic Water Simulation on Blender Guru