UV's unwrapping strangley with spaces and gaps

I’m getting a strange error when I try to unwrap this argot/jabot (older type of necktie). Random triangle holes appear in the UV islands. There are no seems that could cause this either. Is there a way of fixing this?

I dunno if thicking the mesh would help or not.


sometimes i get weird uvs when i have doubles or messed up normals, try that

That worked! Recalculated the normals and removed a few polys.

Also when I unwrap my character, the default unwrap gives way too much space to the cape. I know I can always resize it, however I’m curious on why it starts out so big.


It looks fine to me.

Well, it is a pretty big cape. Pressing Ctrl+A in the UV window with all your UVs selected will change the scale to have everything be proportionate.

You do know that if you go into Textured Mode when using Texture Face Materials, you’ll get your checker pattern in your 3D window to compare scale, right?

Yes I’m aware of that. So LCSM unwraps based on size rather than topology?

Ctrl A doesn’t utilize all of the texture space, and gives overlaps. Also it returns the scaled down islands back to there original size.

Pack Islands seems to, but I’m not sure how to keep the cape smaller. Also can you square of the edges, so they are boxy looking? This would allow for better UV space management.

I got a better UV layout. Here… Using Ctrl P and pinning.

This is what I mean squaring off, its called align vertical in max.

THe white UV’s are from Blender, the black ones are the example from 3d Max.