I know when modeling the leaf(images as planes) in Blender 3D the uv’s will stack up perfectly over one another to share the same uv space, if desired.
Well the model I have from download, I separated the leaf planes form the branch mesh.
Now I have to do the uv’s. The UV image planes are all individually separated. Theres like about 50.
How can I get the image planes to share the same uv space by being aligned. Is there an option in uv’s for this? automatically…it would take too long to do this manually…

I myself have been wondering this!

So you have like gazillion of planes and you need all to have that one image mapped on each?
Select them; good if they are one group, if not, Outliner allows B-select. Just rightclick on somehow gray lines after B-selection and choose Select.
Have image ready in UV editor. Ctrl -J join planes into one object. Hit U to unwrap and select Reset down in menu; that makes magic.
Material done? Image assigned in Texture tab and set to UV’s?
Now, while that bunch of planes is still in edit mode, hit P and separate By Loose Parts.

Hope this works for you; i did not have ready tree to import, so i did test on particle system generated random plane rain, which was ‘materialized’.

Reset down? In which menu? When I hit the space bar, I see no option either…or anywhere.

its at bottom of uv menu “reset” (on t panel) you have just misread what eppo said

Ok, thx…