UVSphere Duplicate and De-Attach ?

I have just a UV Sphere.

I use SHIFT+D to create a duplicate.

Now, both spheres are attached to each other.

How do I de-attach the spheres?

Thanks a lot?


shift+d it when your not in edit mode. If your in edit mode and able to move the polygons, then press tab to exit edit mode. NOW shift+d it. :smiley:

And also, if you ever want to move polygons out of an object and make the selected polygons its own object, in edit mode, press p. You can duplicate polygons and then seperate the duplicated polygons so you dont tear the mesh right off if you want. In case your looking to add hair on a persons chin or somethin. Im not sure if you understand all of that or not but i hope some of it helps. :smiley:

He’s probably meaning how to make the spheres not attatched, try selecting a sphere and draw a line with the cursor to grab it and move it using the cursor.

Thanks so far.

O.K. I see … how to grab one spere in Edit mode and just move that one sphere alone.

About object mode, if I select one sphere, how do I make it so the two spheres do not BOTH get selected?

I need this, so I can have just one sphere selected. I need this, so I can move one sphere alone in object mode.

Any ideas?



Your problem is that you duplicated the 1st sphere in edit mode . . . they are both a part of the same object. So in object mode, you can not modify one part independent of the other.

Since you want 2 seperate objects, you have these options:

In edit mode, select and detach the set of vertices making up 1 of the spheres.


Delete those same vertices in edit mode, then duplicate your sphere in object mode.

But if they are simple spheres, you could just delete your Siamese mesh & create 2 new seperate spheres. :wink:


I understand my problem.
I will make sure that I create duplicates in Object mode.

Thank you very much.