UVUnwrap - can't see object in 3d view pane

Hi all,
New to Blender so at a complete loss with this one! When I enter the UVUnwrap tab I can’t see the object in the 3d view pane - but UVs do show in the UV pane. Also happens in the Sculpt tab.
So to recreate. I select any item in Layout mode. I hide all but that object. I then click on the UV tab and the 3d view pane is empty - but I can see the unwrapped UVs in the other pane. So if I unhide all the other objects, select another object and click on the UV tab I see a the unwrapped UVs of that object but … in the 3d view I see the objects in another collection. This collection’s object appear in the 3d view regardless of any other selected object.

TL:DR - the trash can object needs to be UV’ed - I can’t see it in the 3d view of the UV editor to create the seams. :slight_smile:
Sorry - my newness to Blender is probably making this very difficult to explain. I’ve added a link to the blend file if someone would like to take a look.
Thanks for your help!

I don’t quite understand your problem…!!

I’m uploading your example file. (Open with version 2.82)
I select the object “DS_Trash_Can”
I switch to the UV Editing tab… and everything is perfect…

The object is visible and in editing mode, when selected, the unfolding is visible in the UV Editor part.

Make sure you’re in [UV editor] view and not [Image Editor].

If I open up your file and switch to the UVEditing tab, I seem just the person with the phone. If I disable and enable the enviro collection the trash can and some other stuff appears; is this what your looking for?

Hey thanks, FreeAccess. Must be something messed up here with the scene. I tried resetting to default values and it still does it.
But If while in the layout mode I drag a new area and assign the UVeditor it works fine. But going to the UVEditor tab I get the odd behavior - which seems dependent on visible collections (like a59303 mentions). I’ll mess with it more today and get it figured out. Maybe I can create a new tab or learn to work with split screens instead of the tabs.