Uvw editing

is uvw mapping completely unusable in blender right now?

a few weeks ago I tried to do an unwrap of a simple character, so I created the seems and did unwrap everything looked good but it turned out all the faces were scattered around randomly but made the shape of a correctly unwrapped map. Causing alot of frustration so I made a post about it with no explanation given.

Yesterday I did a quick unwrap in zbrush on a model that has polygroups assigned to it. I just wanted to rearrange the uvw map and alter the seems to hide them. Trying to do so in blender I coulnd’t figure out how to select things by polygroup as the commands Shift+G<Polygroup did nothing. (brought it back into zbrush to make sure the obj did indeed still have it’s polygroups) So then I tried to select the uvw islands I created in Zbrush but the command Ctrl-L selects the whole object. Beyond frustrated with anything other than rigging and posing in this program.