UVW errors?

I marked some seams, then I unwrapped. For some reason the white polygons are not on the same UVW map as the rest of the character. Any ideas? Thanks.

Could be that they are distinct objects. Then you will not see them on the same map at the same time.

Nope, checked my outliner. It’s all one object. I’m stumped. There is only 1 vertex group too. I haven’t gotten into UVW mapping in Blender really before this, but I have in other applications. Wings3D has the edge marking just like Blender and that’s what I was using. I still can’t figure this out. Any other ideas? Thanks

How did you unwrap? Did you use just U or did you use a special unwrap projection? Also check if the uvwires of the white mesh part are located outside the image in the UV Editor. If you can post the blend file and I take a look at it to see what is going on.

I marked seams, then pressed U. When I click on the “white” parts, it brings up a new view in the image editor without my texture, as if they have a different uvw map. They should have the same, as they are selected when I press U. I will post the blend when I return home tonight. Thanks.

Ok here is the blend.


veetRigUV01.blend (740 KB)

Ok I had a look and I can’t really tell you what happend but I opened your blend in my 2.48 Blender and looked at your texture and had the same issue you had. Then I simply deactivated paint mode and went into edit mode on the head.
Next I went into face select mode (CTRL+TAB -> Faces) and selected the white faces and they appeared in the uv editor window. I then choose the head image in the drop down box in the UV Editor while I had all of the white faces selected. When I now select all faces the dissapearing faces appeared in the UV texture as if they had never been missing.
Another way of getting them back which worked for me was to simply select the whole head and reunwrap pressing U.
Just in case I attached the blend file with the complete uvmap.


veetRigUV01_chgnd.blend (178 KB)

Thanks so much, it had me stumped!

If you add new faces you end up with that issue. Although they are part of the same mesh they haven’t been assigned to that texture map yet. Usually just select all faces and reassign to the uv texture.