{v. 0.9} EasyLogic Addon for BGE

Here is my EasyLogic addon for simplifying the Blender Game Engine.

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Customizable settings to create First Person Cameras, basic player movement, and collectable items with the click of a button.

File --> User Preferences --> Install From File --> EasyLogic0-8-5.zip

Logic Editor’s property panel

[/B][/B][/B]I’ve added ending sequences and lightning setups, bringing the total panels to 6. I’ve consolidated these into a single panel.

Here is the download:

i love this addon

Thanks, john!

Good job, I must say Your progress with the API is quick. Very useful addon, interesting idea :yes:

Thanks, kruk!

Here’s version 0.8!
EasyLogic.zip (10.2 KB)

Thanks, this helps simplify a few things

Really nice addon! I often search around my blend files to find a mousemovent script,if i only wan’t to test out some simple other thing. This is very helpful!!
What are you planning to add?

0.8.5 released!


EasyLogic0-8-5.zip (10.2 KB)

0.9 released!

Very nice and useful :slight_smile:
Just the player options don’t work. http://puu.sh/auqh5/3711c19e4d.png

It’s a very nice addon because it’s very helpful for test scenes when you quickly need a basic object setting like for a Player or Kamera movement. Too bad that it doesn’t work any more :(. Maybe there is someone who have the time and the motivation to update this addon for 2.75 or to create a similar addon?