V-8 Engine


This is a looping animation of a V-8 engine. The firing order is correct, the valves open and close at the right time, the lifters follow the cam nicely, and the valve springs even deform correctly! The block is invisible so you can see all the action. I’m quite proud of it.

Much of this was done with constraints. The only parts that have their own IPOs are the crank, camshaft, and lifters. Everything else is constrained to them in one way or another. I could have constrained the lifters to the cam, but couldn’t find a really accurate way to do it.

1.6 meg download AVI, compressed with the MPEG4 codec.

When I was a kid, I built the Visible V-8 model, and loved it. I guess I just never grew up… :slight_smile:

VERY cool! :slight_smile: The blender blue background kind of ruins if for me, though. :frowning:

very nice indeed!! I would animate the camera around it slowly, and give the overall speed of the engine some animation - start with it running at an idle 800 rpm or something, then slow it down to show the cycle, then speed it back up. Then rev it…twist it to show the torque…arfh arfh arfh (Tim Allen style)…

Great job! The best (and easiest) thing to do is enable AO to get rid of the harsh shadows and bring out that great mechanical detail. Add some particles for explosions…in transparent (semi-transparent) cylinders. Add some color to the parts. It will look very realistic. Agree with the above suggestions also.

Very good animation !
I like it very much,principally the flashes on the engine

cooooooooool did u only have to animate the pistons going up and down and then the rest of the parts moved or did u have to move everything?

Thank you all for your input.

I did think about the background, but couldn’t think of anything I liked. Any ideas? (Funny you should comment on this - I just watched your Fluid Simulation tutorial.)

I experimented with the camera moving around it, but I wanted it to loop nicely, so the camera had to be back at the start in 200 frames. That was too fast, and I didn’t want to make the file any bigger so the camera had time to go around slower. Of course, speeding the engine up and slowing it down has the same problem.

I like the idea of particles for explosions. After experimentation, I’m using an animated texture to give the volume above the piston some color (yellow fades to red, alpha fades to zero) after the spark fires. I’ve never played with AO before - I’ll try it.

I moved the crank, the cam, and the lifters. Everything else is moved by constraints or parenting, except the valve springs with are moved by IPO drivers. The whole thing is built “tilted” so one bank of cylinders is along the Z axis, and the other along the X axis. It just simplified everything that way.

Thanks again!

that is awsome. the coolest i’ve ever seen

Very nice. I remember building the Visible V-8 as well, and taking apart lawnmower engines, and all that stuff.
Good idea on doing the combustion gasses and such.
Regarding a setting, you could make a very cool movie with this. Picture a Deuce highboy in a garage, the engine starts (soundtrack and exhaust flames), the hood goes up and as it does the hood and front fenders disappear, revealing the engine. Fan turning and all, and the engine accessories and block disappear to reveal the workings as you’ve done them. It’s almost an educational film…
Barring such complexity, maybe a background of diamondplate steel for an industrial/mechanical look?
Nice work. I’ve been pondering doing a mechanism of some sort,probably more like a steam locomotive type of thing, and you’ve given me some idea of how it can be done. Thanks!

Oops, one boo-boo, highboys don’t HAVE fenders…

well…? let’s see what u got now :yes: