i want to do a movie with it…what do you think?

I dont think OSA is on but its a good model. U might want to work on some textures. Try using procedurals. It looks a little high poly for an animation.

If you post a wireframe then we could determin wether or not its ok for animating

Looks nice, and don’t be judging how smooth the lighting is to see how high poly it is, he could’ve used the set smooth button.

i did use the set smooth…and the wires wont help you…it looks completly colored in black (so much for low-poly) do you want me to post one with OSA on? i just dont like OSA much…it makes the image load to slow…

exactly its way too high poly foe a animation. it wouldnt take osa long if it were low poly

damn…so i’ll just do a background and call it finished :frowning:

make sure osa is on

Do u know waht it does?

ok…now it’s solid (as in “not smooth”) with OSA=16 (i’m not sure i know what it does…smoothes it?) and with a tiny addition (look at his head area)

why do you need low poly for animations? i would just leave my comp rendering if it will give it a nice effect

too many polys are not good for deformation when moving the mesh assigned to bones(although this olnly relates too organic models really).

that’s the other problem… my bot is too…organic! can you see he has no mechanical parts…well…you know what i mean!

as you can see. i suck badly at lighting!!! please help!!!

MY…EYES!!! :o :x

This will help you with your lighting: http://download.blender.org/documentation/html/x4029.html

here is the image with simple lighting: