V for Vendetta

I used a photo texture, and modeled it based on the same reference, but I did the original squinty eyes, not like the wal-mart one’s eyes.


he doesn’t have an upper lip…

You are correct. Different versions, even different drawings in the book include or exclude the upper lip. I suppose I should add enough of a ridge to have some shadow.
Besides that, what do you think of the modeling? I should post a mesh. Will do when I have some time.

Very well done…looks just like the actual mask…I think you should set up a scene though…maybe using your sig. Like the mask sitting on a table, with the camera viewing from an angle…and you sig over top of it all. Yes, that would be cool.

agreed all you need is a desk a shattered mirror pieces still in the frame some sprinkled around the mask and then put a crack in the mask… and scene.

You really like that movie, eh? I watched it a couple of nights ago, really really enjoyed it.

I think that maybe the cheeks come out just a wee bit to much, at least on their sides.

How about definition in the brow ridge?


To tell you the truth, I read the graphic novel, and liked it quite a bit, too. There were some things that the Wakowskci (spelling) brothers shouldn’t have left out. But, they had to sacrifice story for action sequences, that’s better for a movie, I guess. But yeah, I think it’s a great story. I actually did fix the upper lip, I’m just to lazy to upload it right now. :stuck_out_tongue: