v from v for vendetta

hi all, im in the process of making the character v from the new movie v for vendetta for my school assignment (one of my first works). ive only done the mask and the hat and havent even painted the mask yet, but im looking for some crits so please attack at will :slight_smile: also, the eyes and eyebrows will only barely be seen so thats why they are so rough. can someone tell me how to get rid of the line down the middle of the face? i did shift+d and the mirrored it and it always gives me a line in the middle… (i hope the pics come up…)


btw, it needs a mustache and goatee, which are coming and its going to look like this(below) eventually i hope…


Dont use the shift+D method for mirror modeling. Instead use the mirror modifier. Should rid it of the line.You might have to rearrange the modifiers in the stack if your using subsurf.

As far as the model goes looks very nice so far. Only thing i noticed is the cheeks dont seem to be set to smooth… Also a few wire shots would prolly help more in giving crits.
Edit: :wink: no need to double post btw just use the edit feature.

Hit “W” amd then “remove doubles” that should fix that line you have. If not select the vertices that run down the middle and scale it to 0 on the X axis. then remove doubles again. You also may need to Ctrl+N to fix the normals afterwards.

feihongjr: where is mirror modeling?
maniac4hire: i tried that, but because its mirrored, you can select both halves in edit mode at the sme time, i dont know why, so if you know how to, i’d really appreciate it if you’d let me know :slight_smile:

I think the eyes need to be wider…almost the length of the eyebrow. Also, it’s got a rather chinese look to it. Why don’t u color the brow and add the moustache. Looking good, though!

Its just like using the subsurf modifier. Instead just select mirror from the dropdown list.

As i said you may have to rearrange the modifiers if your using subsurf or others… Just click the arrows above the apply button to do that. Also if you check the circle next to the arrows you can make the modifer available in edit mode. Hope this helps.

Another way would be to use Alt+D instead of shift+D to duplicate your mesh. The difference between the two is that any changes made to the onel mesh are automatically made on the duplicated version. This is very helpful in most situations tho of course not all. However the best way for mirror modeling in my opinion is just using the mirror modifier.

Tho Alt+D method can be helpful for other things. For example you have a picket for a fence that you want to duplicate along a line. Then later you decide you wish to add a spike at the top of the picket. With Alt+D you would only have to change it once and it would be applied to all duplicates :wink:

BTW maniac4hire’s method will work but only once you join the two meshes together using Ctrl+J having both meshes selected. Tho this ussally isnt done till both sides are completed. So again Id use the mirror modifier as it ussally rids the line and eliminates the need for constant copying and deleting of the mesh thru out the work process which of course speeds up the work flow :wink:

Ahhhh, but the mirror modifier is not in blender 2.41, he needs a cvs release of 2.42 to use that. And mirroring a mesh with “M” in edit mode and removing doubles really does not take that much time. What ever works best for the artist is really all that matters in the end though.

The mirror modifier is already in 2.40, see http://www.blender.org/cms/Modifier_System.681.0.html

Ahhhh, but the mirror modifier is not in blender 2.41

i’m using 2.41 and there is the mirror modifier…what are you talking about?
Oh and Fez your mask looks too flat about the eyes

thanx for your replys everyone :slight_smile: ive started to model a rough body and jacket/vest. i finished the mushtache and goatee and coloured them, but i havent painted the face yet. can anyone tell me how to make the face acctually appear white? when i put white in materials, it comes out grey. thanx all:D


Didnt even know there was a 2.42 so Im deffinately reffering to 2.41.

As for not taking much time your right to an extent. It doesnt take much time to duplicate and mirror an object. However if your like me then your bound to do it more then once thru out the process…

I personally find it difficult to model looking at only half a model. Its hard to tell wether things are in the right place… IE is there too much/little room between the eyes ect…

Therefore I would model a little then duplicate/mirror the mesh to see if it was right then Id delete the duplicate and continue to only end up duplicating and mirroring it again … doing this over and over can deffinately add a significant amount of time to the whole process.

Using the alt+d mirror method in object mode saved me alot of time in that area… However left me with the line Fez originally asked about. The mirror modifier eliminates the line and also allows me to see both sides being worked on in edit mode.

I will not argue that its a matter of what works best for the artist I completley argree with you 100% on that. However I feel that if you worked with the modifier for awhile you yourself will find that ultimately it will save alot of time and just makes the work flow easier. Just my opinion mind you.


The body looks to be off to a good start. A few areas I personally would work on.

The knees… They look a bit awkard and squished??? Sorry cant think of the words im looking for.

The arms seem a bit small in comparison to the rest of his body.

In the chest area it appears as tho you have duplicated meshes on top of eachother. Tho its difficult to tell from this distance.

If you applied the mirror modifier and duplicated the mesh in either edit or object mode this could be the cause… I had this problem a few times when first starting to work with the mirror modifier. Its not a bug or anything like that just old habits are hard to break and I found myself duplicating things when I didnt need to anymore :stuck_out_tongue: Tho I could be way off base it might not be the problem at all… Might not even be a duplicated mesh on top of eachother lol.

As for making things white… Sorry I have no idea this is the area where Im deffinately lacking.

Btw theres no need for using print screen for taking shots of your work.
The button at the bottom all the way to the right in your picture The one that looks like the scene button will render exactally what you see in the 3d window with the same settings you have set under the scene button.

This is much easier and faster then using printscreen again in my opinion and when working with a dead line every second helps :wink:

yeh, the jacket is just a duplicate of the torso. (with a couple of changes obviously) i cant seem to get the elbow right, and i enlarged the arm a bit. although, it is only to mid forearm, so it will look a bit small. How would you suggest doing the sleeves? they are supposed to be coming out from under a vest, so should i do what i did with the torso and duplicate it? or something entirely different? and how would you suggest modeling the them? because they need some creases in them and im not sure that it would work very well if i just duplicated the arm. thanks for your replys everyone:D