V project Blender Game - DOWNLOAD DEMO

A couple weeks ago, I start to create a game called V Project in blender.


V Project is the story about a secret invasion of aliens in a secret laboratory. The only thing that could avoid human extinction is to use a secret genetic technology called V project.

The V project is a technology based on a particular enzyme that could change the human DNA in order to create a super human.

That human is emotionless and feeling less, that make him fearless and resolute in hazard situation.

The aim of the game is to face smart aliens and learn the decision about one’s further existence.

V project is a dynamic third person survival horror game. This story begins after the aliens invaded a secret laboratory on the earth.

Strategy and ingenious are woven together in it so bizarrely that they have become inseparable. Players can expect an emotional journey full of discovery and collaboration. Powerful new experiences await you around every corner, after every step.

You can “touch” what it feels like to have no way out because of fear, when you walk through corridors you will be afraid of aliens which come out of walls.

“Sometimes the only way to kill a monster, is to make yourself the fear for them”.


The V project is a dynamic adventure game with action elements. Your complex journey in this game will not take you alone, therefore you need someone who help you in various mission. The game is structured in such a way that in any moment you can call your brother or your friends to come in help you.

You have only one weapon that allow you to stay alive. And a torch on the weapon that let you see in the darkness. Since your weapon will be associated with your essence, you cannot call upon the aid of that which is foreign to you. There is no third option.

The only problem in order to realize this nice survivor horror game that let two players to play together with all the assets with the right licence in order to use them, is my PC that is very old, and I’ll never be able to release a video game because of it. That is honestly the worst feeling in the world.

Then I need a new computer. Create games is a heavy work. Run HD games in BGE wants a hefty computer to handle it.

This is the site on github

Official site of the game

On the site you will find also a blog where I want narrate the developing of the game with tutorials, useful for the book I want to write.

Here some media of the game I hope you like it.

TEASER http://vprojectgm.altervista.org/teaser/
Finally this is the first release, if you need help ask me, i hope you like it.
Leave comments about your opinions, thanks
DEMO http://vprojectgm.altervista.org/demo/

The file is a blend file open with blender.


A couple weeks ago, I start to create a game called V Project in blender.

A couple weeks ago, I started to create a game called V Project in blender.

you have to poste a video

Its a nice Game.


wow that looks realistic :slight_smile: good job

screens are awesome, maybe it could do with a bit less bloom, some “contrasty” coloring on more cell shaded kind of theme? IDK no really a crit, more of a suggestion… Mind you the video could be allot better… keep up the great work! i’ll be watching for updates.