I wanted to download V-ray demo for rendering in blender and I found that the official website www.chaosgroup.com is not running. And somewhere I have read that you have to have v-ray version for maya and some export script to blender but I can’t find it anywhere. So is here somebody who would now where download it? thank you :slight_smile:


The chaos group website is up and running at the time I’m writing this (after clicking on your link.)

  1. To get to the downloads, you need to register an account and log in.
  2. From here if your not taken to the downloads screen, click on downloads.
  3. Click on V-Ray
  4. If you cant find the version you need click the relevant following link for your build:
    32 Bit: http://www.chaosgroup.com/private/download/vray/exe/x86/demo/08527/maya85/
    64 Bit: http://www.chaosgroup.com/private/download/vray/exe/x64/demo/08527/maya85/

There is a newer version released on the 22nd Oct. But I’ve not tested this, so I’ll not link to them.

  1. Next you can get the script from: http://blender.bevice.ru/ This is the Blender/Vray page for now and all info you’ll need to get up and running is on here.

I really suggest you read up on the usage and install guides. Its a little tricky, and there are some settings you’ll need to change like render sizes before you’ll get any renders.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for replying and instructions,
but the main problem still lasts. The page www.chaosgroup.com or http://www.chaosgroup.com/private/do…/08527/maya85/ is truly not running at any time. I tried it at school and there the page has displayed but I lerned that it has displayed because school intranet “remembers” this page. So I have registered there and after “succesful” registration usual sentense has displayed that report has been sent to my e-mail to activate my account. But any report has not been sent and I tried it for 3 times. :frowning: And my opinion about this bear to a fact that about 2 weeks before there was a report in int. explorer that “because of maintance of our hardware this page will be dowm for couple days…”. And it is already more then “couple days”.
So I want to ask, if it is any alternative way to download v-ray. Thanks

When I last checked it, the day I posted that reply it was up and running, and downloadable.

Try doing a hard refresh of the page using CTRL+F5. This sometimes fixes problems like your having when you dont see a page updating.

I’ll try and get you the full path of the file, or host it somewhere though I dont know if thats allowed seems as you have to log in to get it? Any one know if I’d be allowed to put it up somewhere?

My best advice in the mean time is to log in to the chaos group website. Then copy/paste the:
into your address bar and hit enter.

Your download should start :slight_smile: