V1.35 MMORPG -Kewl Incredible District- "Teen Dream" (play to post)

-The KiDs are BACK-
-Kewl Incredible District-

-Proudly Presented By Nicholas Nel-

Those of you who really know nicholasnel.com will know that there is always a different flavour of game coming soon…
This game? No different! I apologise that my story is too long for this forum, and you would not want to spend days reading it either!! To make a long story short, The core elements of this game were all programmed and rigged by me and this is the 3rd MMO released from the same core. Ficks was the last instalment and was made as a fan-art game, So… I remade all the fan content from Ficks, and made it even better!!! The core it self has become very robust and has had many Bug fixes, upgrades and enhancements!

I made this section because people run out of money fast!
Here goes, how to make a million in 8 steps from Nothing!

  1. Click on the “sphere” that the rubicon holds until you get a plant picking quest. Spin the wheel everytime you win!
  2. you can pick food and sell it, or get lucky finding a money tree.
  3. buy a max power Bow (cheapest weapon) and sell the food or give it to Critters to tame them.
  4. click on the rubicons “sphere” until it says frag x critters, frag them and spin the wheel.
  5. once you have enough for a power 6 trike (cheapest ride), buy it.
  6. equip your ride and go to a checkpoint. (make sure you know where all the checkpoints are)
  7. race pinks, but choose a high powered ride with a slow time so you can win, if you loose you will lose your trike.
  8. sell the rides you win and soon you will have a million.

NEW Features in version 1.35:

  1. New mini game: Thimble Switch.
  2. New mini game: Color Mix.
  3. New mini game: Power Polish.
  4. New mini game: Junk Fishing.
  5. New mini prog: Global Stats.
  6. Improved spirit wind.(dust/mist added)
  7. Bugs and polish.

NEW Features in version 1.34:

  1. Voice volume fixed for start up character config.
  2. Polished District Editor.
  3. New mini game: Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
  4. Easter Island Head added to District Editor!
  5. Inventory now has instant equip.
  6. less flashing when equipping.
  7. Bugs and polish.

NEW Features in version 1.33:

  1. Cheer leader skirt for females.
  2. Bugs and polish.

NEW Features in version 1.31:

  1. De saturated GUI buttons.
  2. Fixed male eyebrows.
  3. Lighting fix.
  4. Confirm Password field.
  5. Flying improved (Jetpack and Rides)
  6. Bugs and polish.

NEW Features in version 1.30:

  1. New textures for clothing.
  2. Pointing finger rigged.(all animations updated)
  3. Six new action animations.(10 total)
  4. Hid weapon for action animation.
  5. Bugs and polish.

NEW Features in version 1.29:

  1. New Duivel shield.
  2. New textures for rides.
  3. New 2D filter switch in settings.
  4. Added Critters and Plants to culling list.
  5. Added extra scroll bar for more text / help.
  6. Color Mixer only visible while choosing color.
  7. Midi tracks randomised.
  8. Bugs and polish.

NEW Features in version 1.28:

  1. Polished face and hair.
  2. Bugs and polish.

NEW Features in version 1.26:

  1. Polished “Action” animations.
  2. Speed ups!
  3. Bugs and polish.

NEW Features in version 1.25:

  1. Easy to read text.
  2. GUI-space speech bubbles.
  3. vignette/spotlight effect.
  4. dynamic height map terrain with texture swap.(district editor)
  5. Race track selection.(district editor)
  6. Dynamic Sky Box.(district editor)
  7. Animated Clouds.(district editor)
  8. 7 new Animated Satellites.(district editor)
  9. Bugs and polish.

NEW Features in version 1.23:

  1. Server migration in game.
  2. Arrow buttons for inventory navigation.
  3. Bugs and polish.

NEW Features in version 1.20:

  1. Rubicon has TTS.
  2. Midi, SFX and TTS volume added to settings menu.
  3. Sun with Lens Flare.
  4. special attention to KiDs.
  5. Bugs and polish.

NEW Features in version 1.19:

  1. You will be notified when your actions have earned Trophies followed by a fireworks display.
  2. Bugs and polish.

NEW Features in version 1.18:

  1. You will be notified when your actions can earn Trophies.
  2. server log analytics. (GOD mode only)
  3. On Screen Key logging. (L key) (for video tutorials)
  4. Exit sequence polished.
  5. Bugs and polish.

NEW Features in version 1.14:

  1. Polished Log on screen.
  2. Bugs and polish.

NEW Features in version 1.13:

  1. Polished hats.
  2. New server code(less lag and disk writing).
  3. Bugs and polish.

NEW Features in version 1.11:

  1. Extra large pets.
  2. Ride button in main gui.
  3. New lights for Rides.
  4. better sticky camera.
  5. No blank Passwords.
  6. Bugs and Polish.

NEW Features in version 1.9:

  1. Optimised writing to drive.
  2. Better GUI clipping.
  3. Bugs.

NEW Features in version 1.8:

  1. Improved appearance of District objects.
  2. New sky types.
  3. Performance increase.
  4. Bugs.

NEW Features in version 1.6:

  1. Spirit wind.
  2. Improved character randomization @ startup.
  3. Monetized District editor.
  4. Menu section will redial server on fail.
  5. Forgot password button added to main menu.
  6. Toggle fullscreen button added to main menu.
  7. EGG is uploaded to server by pushing esc key to exit.
  8. Bugs and polish.

NEW Features in version 1.5:

  1. Mouse “clicky” cursor.
  2. Health bars all round!
  3. Keyboard fix for wsad movement.
  4. Bugs and polish.

NEW Features in version 1.4:

  1. Favourite color in color picker
  2. New help button in main gui
  3. New send button in main gui, send bugs or send a message to admin.
  4. New exit button for escaping menus.
  5. Updated swear word list (noswearing.com) (if you can still type bad words, please submit them to admin in game)
  6. Swear word filter enhanced.
  7. Buy a shield and a gui button appears to quickly defend yourself with it.
  8. many bugs solved

NEW Features in version 1.1:

  1. many security features
  2. Smooth Zoom
  3. Quest system was made easier
  4. more tooltips
  5. Full screen mode.
  6. toggle male-female when creating new account.
  7. magic doors (portals to your friends districts)
  8. Positive words added, swearing erases the word and will replace it with a positive word(including spaces).
  9. General Bugs.

NEW features in “Kewl Incredible District”:

  1. Suited to a younger audience. (10+)
  2. Swear word filter.
  3. Fantasy themed content.
  4. Helps you up the learning curve teaching you how to play (Video tutorial) and holds your hand a little more (Tool Tips).
  5. Expandable quest system with reward wheel!
  6. Fireworks!
  7. Lip synching (TTS)
  8. More of everything!!!

Existing features from Ficks:

  1. Future proof core design.
  2. Advanced moderator controls(God).
  3. Generic controls similar to other games.
  4. Full GLSL Graphics.
  5. In-depth Statistics and Trophy earnings.
  6. Expandable sport’s system.
  7. Working Generatable and configurable Characters and dynamic world objects.
  8. HSV Color Mixers.
  9. ± 81 MB Download Size.
  10. ± 209 MB Game Size.
  11. Fully Expandable “MMORPG” Core.
  12. in game shop
  13. Help file with all the controls and more.
  14. Empty culling.
  15. Buy and Build your own district then show it to others (sandbox building).
  16. RAP Machine Text To Speech Engine.
  17. MIDI music (Buy a Boom Box) and MP3 sound effects.
  18. Swishes and Particle Effects.
  19. 2 way ignore feature.
  20. Shoot, Slash, fly, drive, talk, compete, everything!
  21. mini map with blips.
  22. Trade.
  23. Dynamic Pets! (and wild Critters)
  24. Dynamic Rides.
  25. Security features including hashed passwords and database, encryption and game EGG technology (you are responsible for your files).
  26. Each other!
  27. And many more…

Youtube Goals:

  1. As a tutorial.
  2. To show the actual gameplay, a lot of developers show ‘big screen’ rendered graphics or something done with a super Computer.
  3. I am featured in the video so you can hear I am only human.
    *Note. There is a place to leave your comment on the video at YouTube!

Download, YouTube and Screenshots: www.nicholasnel.com/back/back.html

Windows, GeForce 4 or equivalent and an Internet connection.

-there is an in game button to submit bugs.
All games have bugs, Please follow the links at my site to submit a bug so that I can track them properly.
If you have trouble downloading there is nothing I can do, just download again!

Happy Hour:
There aren’t a lot of people online, I will try to be online every day from 20:00 - 22:00 CAT!..
If I see anyone online while I am there I will give them one million game cash! (enough for your own district)
and remember that a lot of extra effort has gone into the single player mode in the hope that people can stay online longer!

This game is made by Nicholas Nel.
Music by Pierre R. Schwob. http://www.classicalarchives.com/prs/free.html

—“Play to Post”—
Guys, this is an MMO and I am aware of “Software stigma”, This game contains no Viruses, Malware, Spyware … etc.If you have trust issues you don’t have to play and please keep them to yourself as I don’t want to repeat myself.

I know it’s a mission to download KiD MMO and play it,
But it’s been much more of a mission making KiD MMO!
So Please don’t post a reply if you have not played it else…
If you have to talk to me you can send me a private message.
If I only get one reply and one hit on my server, then that’s perfect!

Thank you for reading!
Cheers and Happy thoughts!



I have just added a promo video for my game and embedded it into the game website!
took me just over a week to produce it!

if the page does not refresh, you can refresh it with F5 or ctrl-F5


Want to Play, got Linux (SteamOS).
Congrats anyways :slight_smile: cool screenshot

Where can we see your video on youtube? Your site is blocked as “p0rn”.


Here with a new version after many weeks of hard work!

NEW Features in version 1.1:

  1. many security features
  2. Smooth Zoom
  3. Quest system was made easier
  4. more tooltips
  5. Full screen mode.
  6. toggle male-female when creating new account.
  7. magic doors (portals to your friends districts)
  8. Positive words added, swearing erases the word and will replace it with a positive word(including spaces).
  9. Title screen.
  10. General Bugs.

Just refresh the link if it is in your cache



I added a few new features in the last version, so this is the bug fix update for those new features!

Enjoy version 1.2, it’s very stable!


Hi, I got a new version of kid, many fixes especially for new users, also added new cursors, and just bugs and stability. Please refresh your browser if you get broken links.

Thanks, and by the way, this is how the game is looking now, not much different if you don’t know what to look for

I’d jump in for a spell to test it out, but I’m at work. =c
Also, I’ve gotta say, I’m kinda iffy about your target audience.
Whenever you make something geared towards kids - especially something as engaging and interactive as a videogame - there’s always that one little thing you need to keep in mind, and that’s child abuse. Be it physical abuse, cyberbullying, or improper morals or teaching.
What kinds of measurements do you have in place to prevent abuse to your players? Do you have a friend/ignore system? Do you have a contact email for user reports? How about a bunch of administrators? Or maybe a language filter?
Games like this also attract perverts and scammers. How will you combat them? How will you keep your players safe from predators like this?
Online games are much trickier to plan for than other kinds of games, because of reasons like jerks, cheating, etc.
But when kids are the main focus, you need to make 100% sure that they’re going to stay safe online and have fun while they’re doing it. Always assume kids are stupid when making these security protocols, because even though a lot of them aren’t stupid, a lot of others are. Better safe than sorry.

Other than all that, though, the game looks great so far. I’d love to come try out your networking protocols.

In terms of aesthetics, the art style feels a little disjointed still. Some of the assets could use some reworking and a unifying colour palette and design would be useful to bring together what’s going on on-screen.
Other than that, it would be a good idea to establish some objectives for users. Simply providing a sandbox isn’t enough itself, unless the opportunities for design are not fundamentally limited by the included assets, such as the early releases of Minecraft.

Whether it be quests with AI, or something else, you need to give a form of user experience that isn’t dependent upon the player base.

I just want to add, Michelle sea and agoose, you clearly never read this post before you replied, I suggest you first qualify yourself before opening your mouth.

cool guys, next time play it! (I haven’t seen any of you on the server)


I have decided not replying to your posts is shooting myself in the foot, I would just like to clarify that the game had all the features michelle and agoose mentioned in the first release, I don’t know where you guys think you are but I suggest you read the opening post carefully

Someone gives EyeBall useful constructive criticism and he throws it back at them. Hmm, this looks familiar.

Constructive criticism, TL;DR edition :


  • No Comic Sans.
  • No throw away Gimp Lens Flares.
  • Web Looks Spammy.
  • Design and Implement Optimized Color Palette.
  • Reduce and Optimize in-game effects (little blurry).
  • No Comic Sans.


  • Use Fonts like Oxygen, Ubuntu, Pacifico, etc.
  • Linux Version, its easy its Free No Cost.
  • Mac Version, its hard need a Mac $$$.
  • Web should be actual HTML, not a single JPG.
  • HTML allows to use Translator like Google Translate.

haha gave me an freaking Déjà vu

Actually I have thelarent on ignore for trolling and harassing me.

so suggesting features I already have is “Useful” ?

Don’t you think it’s rather selfish of all of you to trash my threads everytime I post a game I worked for years on? this post clearly says “PLAY TO POST”

Also, just because you see the moderators abusing me and closing threads for games I spent years on does not mean it is truthful or right.

I also don’t see why I should walk around on egg shells for you people because these forums don’t generate hits for any games posted.

I will e mail Ton about this matter as I have been releasing finished games here since 2006.

I suspect that an email to Ton will not result in much, as no-one here is trying to attack you.
I shall state some facts:

  1. Most people who post in the finished game forum will make other later games
  2. Most people who make games want to improve their games
  3. Many people will offer advice to people who have finished games to help them with #2. That is what this forum is for.
    In the end, the game developer is to make games for people to play, so if people have advice to make the game more fun, it should be taken into consideration.

In light of that, I will make some comments about your game that you can consider for your next game.

I did not download this game for a long time, and suspect many players won’t because of the games presentation. From your first post we have a feature list, but we don’t know what the game is actually like to play. Is it any fun? You have a video on your home page, but again, it doesn’t tell me what the game will be like to play. I did not click on the tutorial for a while as the name tutorial suggest t will be about making content for the game or how you made the game. A better name would perhaps be “Gameplay Sample.” Even then, it never tells me what I will be doing in the game. The whole thing reads more like a tech demo feature list than an advertisement for a game.

Most websites these days are aimed at getting information to the reader. Having a large image is not very good for that, as different screen resolutions etc. result in poor legibility. Even the screenshots page should not be a single large image. There are easy-to-install-on-webserver image hosting systems, such as piwigo, coppermine etc.

You rate the game as ages 10+. If I were a parent looking at the screenshots, I would not let my kid play it. I consider some of the avatars inappropriate for that age-group.

Also, I had issues downloading the game. I tried twice with chrome, but ended up firing up a download manager. The download doesn’t seem to be like a normal hosted file. Consider hosting on a site designed for hosting files, such as mega.co.nz, mediafire etc.


  • Shouldn’t install to the C drive. There is a program file folder for a reason, or C:/Games/ is another default.

In-Game Experience: (Written as I play)
- Clicking on places to type should make me enter text there.

  • Why can’t I alt-tab out of this? I have to start task manager to put it in the background.

  • That laugh at the start. Not a big fan.

  • How do I enter an email address? I can’t enter the @ symbol, the shift button doesn’t do anything for me!

  • You really want me to become a member. Clicking the shiny M button (I had no idea what it did) opened up about 100 pages in my web-browser. I have a screenshot if you like.

  • Loading screen maybe? My computer thought it had crashed.

  • How do I change the camera angle? It took me 5 minutes to figure it out.

  • Wait, I’m meant to kill things? Not much else to do. Why do I keep dying.

  • Ok, I can drive around the track at the edge, really slowly. How can I go faster?

  • How do I earn money?

All of these questions do have answers, but I can’t figure them out in half-an-hour. So a kid won’t have much chance. By this time, a 13-year old has wandered off and found something else to do.

Also, the uninstall button did not remove everything.


  • Make the interface more self-explanatory. All those brightly coloured sliders do… something? The inventory is full of things I don’t yet understand.
  • Consistency. Bright colors may seem like a good idea, but even a kid (your intended audience) likes to be able to focus on the computer screen. Picking a palette would be a great idea.
  • Something to do. I’d love it if something presented itself upon logging in, such as “Today there are bonus points for <insert challenge here>” I had no idea what I was doing.
  • A help screen bound to F1 would do wonders. Without someone to explain things to me, I never figured much out.

So there you go. That was my experience trying to play it. I never really found anything to encourge me to play it again. If I were a paying customer, I would be dissatisfied with my purchase. Even though it was free, I was dissatisfied with the time to enjoyment conversion ratio.

Hope that helps for your next game!

Dude, seriously? I’m giving you advice and you jump down my throat for “not reading your post carefully”?
Maybe if YOU would read MY post carefully, I’m talking about your players. Not your game. I frankly don’t care at all about your game. I was just making sure that your game was safe for the kids you want playing it.

But, of course, all you’re gonna read is the “I don’t care about your game” part and get mad at me for that. So, whatever. All I know is, I wouldn’t let my kids play this.

Played a couple nights ago! Display name RonAnderson. It was 5:00 AM so I opted out of the review.
I was clearly not the target audience, I don’t have children, nor do I particularly like children. But it’s very obvious a lot of work went into this.
So here’s my attempt at a technical review:

Like an idiot, I immediately forgot my password
The only real problem I encountered was the lack of a password reset feature (or am I just blind?)
Had to play in wine (Linux Mint 13) where BGE has this weird keyboard bug that made me screw up the password :confused:
Not sure if you already planned this out, but In the past I’ve had success piggy-backing off existing web frameworks. Particularly Django and Joomla.

The tutorial
Another issue was the lack of a thorough in-game tutorial. At first I did what everyone else does (read headline -> download -> play) and was completely lost.
Everything became clear after watching the video, however.

Other things
Aside from that, most other issues were cosmetic. For example the login box could be a bit more intuitive.
But for a solo project that hasn’t been 100% user-proofed by a fresh set of eyes, it’s not too bad.
I’d post a full report, but sdfgeoff seems to have beaten me to the punch.

To answer everyone’s question of What is this? - it’s an online social game with elements of RPG and city-building.

Also, the uninstall button did not remove everything.

Just… cruel. That said, it’s pretty common for Windows programs to leave crap behind after un-installing.
Can’t confirm what happens with the desktop/startmenu links (again using wine) but the game folder is deleted, nothing in appdata, and no registry garbage that I could find.

It’s probably the links.

Downloaded the game… not much happened after that.

Was looking forward to enjoy a relaxing evening, playing this with pqftgs. Instead, I sat here waiting, staring at the wall while he had the time of his life killing monsters, or whatever the hell goes on in this game, because the bloody thing wouldn’t load past the server selection screen.
Though it may not be COMPLETELY your fault, we can’t help but think it’s cause by the filters and absolutely no effort at optimization. I had MAJOR lag typing in my username and email, IT’S A MENU?!? What could have possibly been going on that would cause that much lag?!

My experience (TL;DR):
Made an account and couldn’t enter a server. Then after 10 minutes of NOTHING, I gave up and closed the program, only to have that god-awful music play on loop until I closed my computer.

Option to disable filters would be pretty sweet though.

Noticed a couple more problems when playing tonight. I couldn’t find the bug report page so apologies in advance.
-The game is constantly writing to disk (~30KB/s). Not swapping, either. 13 GB of free RAM, 0% swap usage
-UI clipping through walls is very noticeable.