V1.6: MeasureIt - measurement tools


(GrayTrace) #41

This is really a great add-on! Many thanks!
Is there a chance to get measurement of diameter via 3 vertices (diameter of circle going through all three points)?
This is what I’m looking for since a while.

(servapunk) #42

Very good update now with angles! I just have a little request. It would be posible to add axis contraint to measure? I think that would be useful. I made a quick image to explain this. Thank you for this cool addon


(Leon Cheung) #43

Bravo for v1.3!

  1. Is that possible to use the degree sign “°” after the angle value?

  2. A tip for all who want to “animate” the display for mesh deformation: you can enable AnimAll addon, and key the point location instead of using Shapekey. As I tested, it works pretty well.

(Antonioya) #44

I’m working in adding axis constraints to measure only one axis difference. I’m not sure if I will display as your example, but the distance will be right. I need to think about it.

(Antonioya) #45

I’m not sure. There are a lot of keyboards (English, Spanish, German, etc…) and the sign could be different…so this need more thinking

(patoaltaco) #46

Hi Antonio,

This i great!
It is possible to select to wich vertices de mesure will point when we do it with two diferent objects?


(Antonioya) #47

Maybe as you want no, but you can use the manual position as defined in this video: https://youtu.be/bljkN53sIhw

(Antonioya) #48

I have put in GitHub a new version with the following changes.

Changes in version 1.4

  • Now several segments can be created at the same time selecting by vertex, edge, face or edge loops.
  • Now you can use or not selected axis in distances.
  • Added degrees symbol to angles.
  • New button for deleting all object measures
  • Fixed bug if scene scale is different of 1.

Video: https://youtu.be/nu3hxPSBLsU

(kakachiex2) #49

So nice tool excellent thanks

(servapunk) #50

Thank you for the update, the axis constrain is working good, but I have a bug when I try to mesaure two vertices that are not conected with an edge betwen them inside the same mesh. The report error says: select at least two vertices for creating measure assigment. Do no use loop select.

(Antonioya) #51

Yes, you are right. There is a bug. I’m going to fix it.

(Antonioya) #52

It was a very small change in the code. You can download a fixed version v1.4.1 in GitHub

(Toudou) #53


(comeinandburn) #54

Love your addons Antonioya!!! This is a “must have” :slight_smile:

I’m just dreaming here but, is there any way that it would ever be possible to adjust the text dimensions in the 3D view/or text box that could update the actual geometry? that would be killer, similar to the sketchup functionality (I’m not trying to advocate make Blender like *app, I just think this functionality is very useful).

(Leon Cheung) #55

After the outstanding addon Chromoly Ruler is dying, I’m very pleased to see you working on a similar direction.

One feature suggestion: Probably it would be convenient to add one key to visualize dimensions of object(s). :slight_smile:

(Meta-Androcto) #56

sorry for ot…
what’s up with chromoly ruler?

(Leon Cheung) #57

I mean its lacking active development and maintanance.(I know paleajed has been trying to save it). It didn’t work well with neither claimed or latest build. e.g. The snapping feature doesn’t work in 2.74 again, which is one of the bugs I met.

(Meta-Androcto) #58

let’s hope we get it fixed.
Chromoly has a recent version on github, I wonder how that compares…

Back on topic…
measureit system is really good, hopefully it will replace measure panel soon.

(Leon Cheung) #59

Thanks for the info, I didn’t know the guy is still active somewhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

(cekuhnen) #60

Do you have a paypal account? Can I donate? I will for every use this add-on and would like to contribute!