V1.6: MeasureIt - measurement tools


(matali) #101

thank you so much, great addon Antonioya!

(Antonioya) #102

I cannot see the GIF when use your link.

(Leon Cheung) #103

@Antonioya http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=90288

(Antonioya) #104

You mean that totals are not right when zoom?

(Leon Cheung) #105

I mean some segments disappeared while scaling out of the current 3D view.

(Antonioya) #106

I know what is the problem. By default, when a point cannot be displayed, the measure is deleted. If you scale two vertex outside of the view, it’s impossible to calculate where to draw, so the measure is deleted. I need to think about this, because if you remove a vertex, I need delete the measure, but in this case, I need to keep it.

(asmithey) #107

I select two vertices then click segment and nothing happens…I am I doing something wrong?


(White_Rabbit) #108

How do I control the anti aliasing? of the text?

(GrayTrace) #109

Hi Aaron,

most prob. you did not activate the ‘show’ button in the ‘Text’ area.
I did the same in the beginning.

(GrayTrace) #110


this is really a ‘must have’ tool if you want to investigate any kind of object in terms of dimensions!
Hope it makes it into the release addons. Many thanks! Tremendous job!

(Antonioya) #111

You need press Show button to activate display

(Resok) #112

Is there no way to measure a total Edge Length (made up from multiple selected edges/vertices)?

For example on my mesh I’m attempting to measure a barrel of a cannon, I could do this with the old measure panel tool very easily but the only way i can get it to work with MeasureIt AddOn is to add a segment measurement with a Sum set, but I can’t get that to display visibly very well (just shows a ton of smaller vertex->vertex measurements).

(Antonioya) #113

I’m going to develop something to cover this requirement.

(marcoG_ita) #114

EDIT: seems solved, had to click on view Raw.

Hi Antonioya, tried to download 1.4 and 1.5 from Github but when i try to open or extract it says it is damaged. Any ideas?


(Antonioya) #115

Yes, try this: https://youtu.be/taixpeIymz0

(Antonioya) #116

Now, with version v1.5.1 you can include the sum groups in the text using <#letter>. For example, you could add: The length is <#A> and the total height is <#B>. MeasureIt will replace these tags with the correct value.

Look an example here: https://plus.google.com/112747577646306567335/posts/cLTzKzU5DWZ

(Spirou4D) #117

Ho! very good idea Antonio.

(Leon Cheung) #118

@Antonioya How to render it with alpha? The final image seems to be always with black background.

(Antonioya) #119

Today is not possible. THis is something I’m working on. I would like to be able to render all measures in a transparent PNG.

(Leon Cheung) #120

I did see someone used GIF here successfully. And, when uploading images, it was listed with other acceptable formats on the popup window. That’s why I was Sooooo confused.