V1.6: MeasureIt - measurement tools


(JTenebrous) #141

I just wanted to thank you for making this fantastic plugin. Since discovering it a few months ago, MeasureIt has become a go-to staple in my toolbox. I make models for 3d print every day, and this has helped tremendously in bridging the gap between using CAD software and poly-modelling packages. I much prefer poly-modelling where I can because of its lack of creative restrictions, but it’s often the case that I need sub-millimeter precision and this dimensioning tool is just the ticket.

(Meta-Androcto) #142

hi, rendering seems broken in 2.77

(Antonioya) #143

Yes, I know…I have almost finished the patch. It is a change in an API, now needs int values.

(Antonioya) #144

I have uploaded version 1.6.5. Now works in 2.77.

(bekic.bojan) #145

Hello, thanks for a great addon and your time spent on it.

Would it be possible to have dimension text follow the rotation of dimension line? With this it would be possible to add proper layout dimensions (like in architectural plans). Along that line, rotating labels vertically would be also great.

It would also be super-useful to be able to set all the positioning options before placing dimensions. That would greatly speed up placing rows of dimension lines.

(viralata) #146

Hi, thanks so much for your addon that is very easy to use yet powerfull. I have a “define a valid render path” error when trying to render. Using the 1.6.5 version with blender 2.77a. I saw a comment on youtube saying a workaroud is to set the render output to emp in windows, but what about linux (linuxmint 17) ?

(oct) #147

I just stumbled upon your add-ons, they are awesome! Thank you very much for sharing. Do you have a website for accepting contributions or tips?

(saltorio) #148

Incredibly handy add-on for anything technical. Keep up the great work!

However, would it be possible to move the MeasureIt panels into an existing tool shelf tab - such as ‘Tools’, rather than residing in its own?

Just trying to reduce the tool shelf tab clutter. An option as to whether it resides in its own tab or an existing one would allow users the choice. Or you can borrow from CAD Snap Utilities, which has an option to specify the name of the tab its panels reside in, so it can go anywhere.

(Gato303) #149

Hello, thanks for this add-on, I am an architect and it’s very useful for my work

(Lonny Eachus) #150

Sorry for asking a noob question, but I went to the MeasureIt github page, and I was not able to download files. Clicking a link to a zip file takes me to a page asking me to “find” the file, and when I do, and click it, I’m back at the original page again.

I can download a “zip file”, but it’s actually an HTML page. I’m logged into github as usual. What am I doing wrong? I don’t see any other download buttons or links.

(Lars Schott Madsen) #151

On the page you mention click the “View Raw” link at the bottom. This will download a zip file that you can install directly in Blender via the “Install from File” botton in the User Preference add-ons page (no need to extract the file before installation)

I hope this is helpful.

(Lars Schott Madsen) #152

This is an amazing add on with so many nice features. I am using blender to design various construction projects that eventually will be build in real life. MeasureIt is a great improvement to my workflow when I create blue prints.

I would prefer though to be able to render with transparent background since I prefer to prepare the final layouts of the blue print in my paint software. I know you replied about a year ago that you are working on it … any progress on this…? :smiley:

Thanks again

(NoHands) #153

heya everyone
this is a great add on thx Anton

is there a way to delete a measurement?

No Nands

(Okavango) #154

In 3D view Properties tab (N key) look for the MeasureIt section and hit the X button next to the options of the dimension you want to delete.

(cjxtwn) #155

Thank you for the very useful add-on!

I found a bug about render in v1.6.7: when camera lens shifting, the measures move to wrong position in the render result.
And I have a little wish. Can the measures be rendered to a single pass (or just render measures with transparent background) for post composition?

Thanks again!

(Åsmund) #156

This is great for precise extruding, but is it possible to see “live” measuring while extruding so you dont have to go back and move the faces to the last measure of the last extruded face? Found a somewhat solution: Start by extrude a face up abit, then select the extruded face and then it shows the distances
while your`e pulling it in the direction you want to extrude :slight_smile:

(hakernia) #157

Let me join the “thank you” crowd. Well deserved praises!

I think I spotted a small issue: when both Archimesh and Measureit addons are enabled, the Measureit panel does not appear in Properties Shelf (“N”). Only Room is visible.

Thanks and regards!

(mythcat) #158

About this features - animation rendered (opengl and final render) can you tell me how can be used and what animation will be result?
I don’t find any demo or tutorial.

(RickyBlender) #159

can someone tell me if in 2.78
you should be able to render it with F12 and opengl too ?

happy cl

(leminilab) #160

SOrry if it has already been asked: it doesn’t work with Cycles? I couldn’t find the word Cycles in any page of the topic…:o