(Bogey) #1

I hope you folks dont mind me posting here as well as the real time board, but I spent a few days souping up V1 and saluks kindly posted
it on his game site. You can also download it from:-



Enjoy. Bogey.

(jorx) #2

Looks cool. I couldn’t try it though because my comp. is too slow.

(Bogey) #3

Im sorry to here your comps too slow to play it, it runs fine on my
3 year old dog, but anyway try this as a last resort.
Select sky globe only and delete it. Relink the world and activate “mist”
That should bring your speed back up but it will look like the old V1.
I think it keeps every visable texture map in ram and I have played it comfortably with sky and aircraft textures double this reselution with only
128 meg of ram. I knocked them back down to keep the file size down.
I hope this helps.

Cheers Bogey.