v2.34 runtime memory leak

scene restarts cause ever increasing memory usage. any fixes for this???

edit: this problem appears to afflict ALL versions of the GE 2.25 and on…this is a major issue for those interested in distribution.

also i have tested some scenes that do not involve scene changes/restarts and v2.34 - v2.41 leak 2 - 3 Mb per hour.

edit2: i have found a workaround with python - os.spawnl(os.P_NOWAIT, “blenderplayer”, “xxx.blend”). my setup runs this command and terminates the gamefile via ‘end game’ actuator. the only problem is the desktop flashes for a split second before the newly launched blendfile inits the screen. bummer.

the only other possibility is managing ‘scenes’ with added and removed objects, but this potentially trouble if the ‘scenes’ contain large amounts of texture data - it’s unreasonable to load 500 Mb of textures into ram :wink:

i wonder if there is some way to force the player to do a low level init when a scene is switched or new file loaded…??

Getting 2.41? :smiley:

Seriously, upgrading is definitely the thing to do in this situation - the bugfixes will be in the new versions!

indigo: sure, but some major bugs have been introduced in later versions as well - it’s all a tradeoff i suppose…