v2.34 + Yafray, dupliverts, xml

Does blender support dupliverts in yafray?
When I try to render a simple duplivert it doesn’t work…

Starting YafRay …
Loading grammar …
Starting parser …
Error at line 73 column 7 token null

  • In the xml file line 73…

<object name=“Cube_dup1” original=“Cube” >

  • Also, I can’t get the new non-xml render to work, it seg faults…

#1 0x084d739c in yafrayPluginRender_t::writeMaterialsAndModulators ()
#2 0x084f6498 in yafrayRender_t::exportScene ()
#3 0x084ae37b in YAF_exportScene ()
#4 0x082644d1 in yafrayRender ()
#5 0x08264504 in render ()
#6 0x082653d2 in RE_initrender ()
#7 0x08196ae9 in calc_renderwin_rectangle ()
#8 0x08196cc6 in BIF_do_render ()
#9 0x081d355a in do_render_panels ()
#10 0x081ba8b3 in do_butspace ()
#11 0x081a58fd in winqreadbutspace ()
#12 0x081a9559 in scrarea_do_winhandle ()
#13 0x0814378a in scrarea_queue_redraw ()
#14 0x081442a0 in reset_autosave ()
#15 0x08144950 in screenmain ()
#16 0x080fc832 in main ()
#17 0x402274f2 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/libc.so.6

Are you absolutely sure you have installed the latest version (0.0.7)? The only thing I can think of is that you have some older version of yafray. Anyway, dupliverts/dupliframes ‘should’ work fine without problems. If you still have problems post a report on the bugtracker with a blendfile, or you can also send me the blendfile if you want.

thanks, I think I’ve figured it out…

I found this on the yafray website…

WARNING(linux only): For the plugin to work, you need to compile blender and yafray with the same compiler or at least same ABI. Packages are compiled with 3.3, but official blender uses 2.95, it won’t work. You have to compile blender yourself or try to compile yafray with 2.95. We will try to put gcc 3.3 blender binaries for download.

I might stick to using windows.