v2.46 bevel modifier - How to apply bevel on selected edges?

I got the habit of using the “Bevel Center” script to bevel my edges because I can select the edges I want to bevel. Someone in the “Loops and Poles” thread mentioned that I should take a look at the new v2.46 Bevel modifier. I did. Indeed, there is a “BevW” button there where the description reads like “Use bevel weight to determine how much bevel is applied; apply them separately in vert/edge select mode”. That seems to be designed to do what I need but I’m stuck and I can’t find how to make it work.

Anyone have an idea of how to proceed? A step by step procedure would help.

I tried selecting vertices and then click on “apply” but that does not work.

Add the Bevel Modifier to your mesh.

Click the BevWeight Button.

Select the edge you want to bevel (Edge Select Mode)

Press Ctrl-Shift-E to adjust the bevel weight of the edge.

The Min, Average and Max buttons determine how the bevel is interpolated between differently weighted edges.

Ithink it’s in the “W” hotkey menu

oops oh you mean modifier.

Yeah, you can just select some edges and hit W and pick bevel, this now does interactive bevel on them rather than the whole object.

With the Bevel Modifier you can have tapered bevel edges going from one weighted edge to the next edge that has a different weight.

One thing that I find useful in the Bevel Centre script is the recursive function allowing you to have a smooth radius chamfer rather than a sharp fillet. It would be great if this was also available with the Bevel Modifier.

Cool! Yeah! The “W” menu Bevel command does affect the selected edges only. I like!

I found that I can do a round bevel (chamfer) by re-selecting the two fillet edges and calling Bevel again on them. I like! But to do that with the Bevel modifier would require a recurse value.


It did when it first hit SVN, but it must have been buggy.

Bevel center seems to handle things differently when you have lots of many-poles on the edge and such, too, w/bevel can give lopsided results and follow some edges more than others in some cases.

Yup. I observed that too. Unless the edges are straightforward, I usually have some cleanup to do after using Bevel Center.