V2.5 Text Editing: Unique_Datablock_ID_name::Value

V2.5 Alpha 0, Text Field Editing: Unique_Datablock_ID_name::Value

I am a noob using V2.5, and I have been working through Robert Christian’s tutorial: Introduction to Rigging, which was targeted to V2.4x, and I hit an impass.

I inserted an armature into the scene, to which Blender generated the default name “Armature”. In the object field is found:

Unique Data-block ID name
Value: Armature
Python: Object_name.

I wish to change the name of the armature from “Armature” to something else, say “FRED”.

How do I do this with V2.5? I have a lot of time unsuccessfully trying to figure this out without any success.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi, and welcome to blenderartists…

It is the same as before - left click on the name, type in your chosen alternative and hit enter.


Believe it or not, that was the first thing that I tried. Blender did something that I did not understand, but it did not change the object name.

This time, I followed the exact same path. This time It Worked !! I got the desired result.

In any case thanks for the reply. Now I can attack more Blender learnang issues. There are more mountain ranges in front of me.

BTW, the new user interface rocks! I was less than thrilled with the 2.4x legacy one.