V2.71 How to find Shaing Panel?

I’m working with V2.71 32 bit in CentOS Linux.

I’m trying the tutorial in “Noob to Pro/Landscape Modeling I: Basic Terrain -Texturing the Terrain”. The document refers to a Shading panel using F5. This doesn’t work in V2.71. It seems that V2.71 changed many UI shortcuts.

Please tell me if there is a correct documented list of shortcuts for V2.71.

Dump those tutorials that are written for a version of blender that was out of date 4 years ago. Use one of the gazillion tutorials that you can use for the version you are actually using.

If you don’t know where the materials panel is then you need to stop, step back and start learning the very very basics such as the blender interface. Only then should you be actually doing anything creative