(v2.79) Can no longer export audio?

I’m loving the new Blender update; it has so much to offer.
However, it appears that the ability to export many video codecs has been removed. There are a few remaining, but they fail to offer the ability to include/export audio.
This is difficult for me, as I have heavily relied on the Blender Editor as a means to avoid sound mixing with external software. Any solution would be great. Thanks.

First you have to have audio in the file & secondly, most video format/codec settings are still there just reorganized for easier use. Haven’t found anything missing.

Read from changes in Release Notes: Blender 2.79 More Features: Video Encoding

PS… there are also some YT videos floating around on the matter

Oh, thank you for the help. Do you suppose there’s a way to export Raw AVI with audio, however?

AVI is a format and can use several CODECs, so don’t mix the two.

Blender can save an CODECless AVI (AVI - Raw)
a JPEG encoded AVI (AVI JPEG) with its internal codec (not very common)

or use any external codec you have installed (properly)

THere is a general preference for the DIVX codec around (www.divx.com)

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Output: FFmpeg (File Format)
> Container: AVI
> Codec: choose your preferred option (PNG) (Video Codecs, The Complete Guide for Blender Graphics (3rd)) / *QT crashes
> Audio Codec: choose your preferred option