VA-3 "Invader" variable bomber

I have always liked this Macross plane with it’s EA-6 Prowler look (funny enough also built by Northrop Grumman). I don’t have much on the way of reference photos so I am making up much of it, but here is goes. Any ideas would by much appreciated.



graet concept! but i think that u should consider aero-dynamics;)

Considering the fact that you lack a top and side view, you are doing a remarkably good job.

Lol, that craft HAS to be an Anime design! Only there do you find hulls designed to look like bulging muscles.

And you are doing really good, especially for just a single drawing as a source, as Nyrath stated.

Thanks, it is a Robotech Macross saga bomber. I just like the low and slow look to it, as well as the “bulging muscle” look.

Here is a bit more to it.

Thanks again.


I saw that design your using on the web site. I actually thought about doing it, cool design, then i relised there would be no way i could model it. Wouldn’t know where to start from. You have confirmed my predicament. I think its awsome and you seem to be progressing without breaking a sweat.
Any chance of writing small explanations to go with each image? Possibly even converting it to a tute.

Thanks FloorPlay, I am pretty much making this up as I go along. I am just modeling each surface of the plane at a time and using a lot of creased edges and cutouts. There is nothing to strange about it, I will post the blend file here when I am done for whoever wants it.


wows the word for u…another one for the gallery…my eyes popped when i saw THAT…from a single sketch!!! pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssse write a tut about it.
gr8 work.

Very nice, maybe impractical for flying, but your progress so far is awsome :cool:.

Yeah, if you have time, a tut. or something would be cool.

Thanks otto riis, chela69

I guess I can do a bit of a tut for this, what aspect in general are you interested in? To recreat the whole model in tut form would be a big task.

Here is a render with some basic materials, this is my real weak point. If anyone has any pointers I would love to hear them.

Thanks again


If texturing is your weak point, I’d hate to see your strong one. It’s nice. The only problem I see is that the tail’s blue is too dark compared to the light blue around the cockpit.

Otherwise, very, very nice! I can’t wait to see it in action or at least in a scene of action

Please do, I feel I could learn a couple things.

Also, great job so far. Only advice would be to either tweak the materials and rendering/lighting really towards reality, or towards being cartoony. Right now the textures seem to place it right in the middle. Have you seen this tutorial:

Look at that guy’s methods and learn what you can from the tutorial and his finished products.

Darn that is sick :slight_smile:

u r really a buster of he-men with u r finished renders…the aspect that I would be interested in is everything but that would be asking too much from u…so just atleast a few pointers as to how u started from the sketch and finished modelling would help us a lot.thanx. w8ing…

Thanks all
Here are is a link to the blend file as promissed. I am also attaching a rough render, Coalth is correct that it does seem somewhere in between realistic and cartoony. I was really trying to go after more of a Robotechish style of render vs. realistic, I hope it works. This image is all blender.

Chela69, I am kind of sick of this image so I don’t think I will go back and make a tutorial of it. I am however now thinking of making another soon and I will do a tutorial of it as I go.
FYI, the blend file is only the model with a grey material (look on all the layers). On one of the layers is a duplicat model with the “wire” material.
Thanks again


Maybe the way you started out the model? But only if you have the time, because the way you modeled the whole thing off one ref. picture is pretty impressive ;).

The new pciture looks good, but the lighting seems off, like it is not bright enough…

I’m late to the party! I love the VA-3 Invader! the link to get the blend is no longer working. how can I get a copy of this file? Did it ever get finished?