Vacation - A Lego Short Film

Vacation - A Lego Short FilmThis is a Lego short film i finally finished a few months ago. hope you all enjoy it! :slight_smile:

please comment below with questions and feedback!
some bits may be a lil’ bit confusing as i had almost no idea what i was doing when i started the actual animating. (and yes, the intro is faaar too long)

Synopsis of the film:
A Lego man packs his suitcase to set off on vacation, only to have his money and some of his items stolen at the airport by 3 bad guys. he chases after them and when he finally catches up to them you discover that didn’t care about recovering his stolen money, he was trying to recover his picture of him and his Dad. that (to him) has far more value.

Thanks for watching :slight_smile:

Nice! Really nice camera work!