Vacation house in Alps

First of all, thank you for your feeback!
In the original picture I have found only three boards cuts, the rest are long boards.
However, you are definitely right, this looks quite unrealistic.
The boards are catching a significant attention and adding more texture and shape imperfections will help to improve realism of render.
I will check it out in upcoming days :slight_smile:




Sorry for being so cranky about this, but the change isn’t obvious as it should be (it’s more obvious in the meeting 45° edge at the corner, but it’s a bit far from the camera and it doesn’t really stand out). There might be a gap introduced now, but there is absolute continuity of color and roughness quality between the two plank segments. So, imho, mix them a little to avoid repetitiveness.

The only reason I’m pestering you, is that this render is really great, I mean that, and it’s a pity to have this minor detail keeping it not 100% realistic. Keep it up! Really great render!

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The render is very good, it provides warm resting feeling which is what one would expect from vacation in Alpes.

The thing which confuses me is related to boards - those parallel lines on their surface which makes look them a bit more like plastic. I’m not sure if those exist on the boards used in that case for the outside floors however from distant look it gives Moire pattern which isn’t pleasent. I think it looks controversial because of obvious wooden pattern which is why I would expect rough or polished flat surface of the wood.

That said, I’m wondering how did you create trees on the landscape, using trees and some addons to populate ground with them or faking it with some way.

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These boards are seen both in decks and fences. In my country, for example, they are mostly used in fences, but elsewhere they are widely used in decks too.

The background is coming from original picture. This picture is not of high resolution and, what is worse, overexposed. I think it makes sense to go for matte paint for now.
Nevertheless to go for 3D model is also challenging :thinking: Quite good idea … :smiley:

Inspiration for boards is coming from my very own terrace. The design as well as texture is following (as much as possible) the real terrace. There are also many water stains (not done by me, but kids … :slight_smile: ) Each board has very own castings value. However, I guess it is better to go for higher diversity to make it more realistic.
PS: you made my day bright. I was wondering what makes the render still looks so … flat. For sure, the continuous castings of boards … I will “czech” it out tomorrow … Moreover, I’m wondering if this post would be placed in “Finished works” … THANKS!

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great week :slight_smile:

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really nice textures !

Thank you, Bart!

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Hi Dorian, as some of the most important textures were not PBR I would say there was lot of tweaking … thanks Blender we have tools like RGB curves, Separate RGB, Color ramps and Hue/Saturations/Values, :slight_smile:

the background is a picture you say? nice blended then :slight_smile:

NICE RENDER !!! What are You using for lightning? HDR or flat white color?

Perfect man! Mood is great and lighting is really selling the image. Well done!!!

I think the plastic look is due to they are to glossy or have love roughness. I understand the pattern, the moire is quite there. Also probably mostly due to the highlights.

Hello Dan, yes, the background is the picture.
Unfortunately available in low resolution and overexposed.

Hi KruchY,
lighting is very simple. HDRI image is 3y.o. Waterbuck Trail (source: . Value multiplied : 1
Value added: 1.5

In addition there is a sun light of strength 0.2 from monutains direction (slightly yellow color).
The strength can be increased to obtain more sunshine in the render, which looks good so far. However, the backgroud is overcasted already, therefore 0.2 is enough to catch the mood.

Color management is also simple:
Look: Medium Contrast
Exposure: 2.2
Gamma: 0.75
Need to tweak little bit to get the right result.

Hi Rombout, you are right.
On the original picture the part of boards is wet due to shower.
Actually I’m tunig castings of boards (recommendation from birdnamnam) and will also focus to reach more realistic roughness of those plans, which are affected by rain. Thank you for your feedback !

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