Vacation house in Alps

Hi KruchY,
lighting is very simple. HDRI image is 3y.o. Waterbuck Trail (source: . Value multiplied : 1
Value added: 1.5

In addition there is a sun light of strength 0.2 from monutains direction (slightly yellow color).
The strength can be increased to obtain more sunshine in the render, which looks good so far. However, the backgroud is overcasted already, therefore 0.2 is enough to catch the mood.

Color management is also simple:
Look: Medium Contrast
Exposure: 2.2
Gamma: 0.75
Need to tweak little bit to get the right result.

Hi Rombout, you are right.
On the original picture the part of boards is wet due to shower.
Actually Iā€™m tunig castings of boards (recommendation from birdnamnam) and will also focus to reach more realistic roughness of those plans, which are affected by rain. Thank you for your feedback !

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