Vacation house under development

The modeling is being developed in parallel with the design sketches and evolution.
The environment and materials are basic, enough for fast development and conceptualization.

We aim to develop to photorealism indoor and outdoor.

For the first model shots, I used a background of stitched photos taken on the site, with my mobile phone.

The following is the first render after uploading new 360 photos from a Ricoh Theta S, I just purchased.

I started to use the Archipack addon to do the interiors. Generating walls, doors and windows was efficient and flexible, once I got used to it and remain editable and parametric for design adaptions, while work is in progress. A super feature is that windows and doors also work and remain parametric even when you link the mesh of several windows into one, to get several instances of one type: editing any one’s parameters adjusts all.
Overall a very promising addon for my purposes. Below are a couple of screen shots: