Vacation House

I’m modeling a small vacation home based on a floor plan I found online. The floors will be separate, but I will also be able to render it with everything.

Make sure you bevel everything

very nice, cant wait to see the finished product!!

Scotchtapeworm: I’m not sure about beveling everything, but I do intend to bevel the edges that need it. So far I have rounded the edges on the counter and sink. On the walls, corners don’t need to be beveled, while edges do. I intend to make it one of the very last things I do though.

Thanks Trueblues700! The project is specifically for my new website Arkavision, from which I hope to create an income from similar freelance projects.

Here is a new rendering. I have begun work on the second floor.

Looks good so far! Like the more modern design! But I found that you are lackign a few things that I know that you are going to make later but just wanted to point them out for you. Feel free to ignore this ;).

Trimming around all the windows.
Lights (like the actual model of a light)
Handrail for the stairs

And maybe you could put some pictures/paintings on all the walls to make it more like a vacation house. Good luck and I bet I didn’t say a thing that you weren’t already going to put in it.

good one Howitzer - I especially like your Iso view looking into the floor plan. Are you following Bruxy’s video tut’s at all. They are excellent for setting scale, appending items, camera fly etc. Are you considering adding a tut for other learners?

It looks to me as if you had chosen to use AO with “subtract” only. Everything is a bit dark.

If I am right I’d try using “both” or only “add” to give a little more light to everything.

Apart from that this looks very good, I like the attention to detail.