Vacation II: Meditation, Vacation III: Carefree (Completing the Series)

These are the second and third images completing my triology of “vacation” themed images.

It was my goal for this mini-series to depict various stages of relaxation, with the first image being a literal unwinding of the self into a dissipating cloudlike form.

The second image below focuses on more of a meditative state and a continued dissolving of stress and the weight of worldly thoughts:

The third and final image portrays an individual finally relaxed, released from the synthetic tensions of the maddened and mechanical world, and so liberated in mind and spirit as to be able soar above it all in a state of unprecedented clarity and calmness:

What I especially liked about this final image is that it brought back good memories of my “Love in the Air” project, which some of you might remember. Perhaps only with true peace of mind and clarity might such lasting love ever come to be…

Renders are pure Blender 2.42 with exception of a slight contrast correction and Gaussian blur for “Vacation II” in Photoshop. Clouds in the background are Blender procedural.

Thank you very much for your interest in my work,


the blue one’s ok but there’s something very disturbing about the pink piece. I can’t put my finger on it but the quad-amputee thing is a little freaky. I don’t think it conveys the “carefree release” you are going for, more of a “bondage / SM” thing.

They’re a lot like your first image, but with faces and more swirls.

Still nice though.

NodeRanger: I guess it’s how each person looks at it differently. In the second render in this series (first image on this page), it’s meant to be more of an anthropomorphic cloud (as I mentioned earlier in my previous post for this series), the impression of someone meditating themselves into calmness, dissolving into a cloud, not at all a literal thing. The cloud for this series was the chosen metaphor for relaxation. The literal things you seem to have read into this certainly would be most disturbing.

Cyborg Dragon: The stylistic continuation of what I did in the first “Vacation” image is due to this being a three part series of stages of relaxation, as I began to say in my top post. It might also be worth mentioning that the swirls are not there simply for cosmetic purposes. I try to make everything have a purpose, or else it would risk becoming just extraneous and meaningless. The swirls are an important (to me) motif I use, and not just for this series (e.g. “Going Digital”). There are reasons for them that relate, among a couple of things, to the concept and dynamic of the process of turning, for example. Not that I expect viewers to get that necessarily, but I just thought it was worth saying because sometimes help to understand why certain artistic decisions are made :slight_smile:


The top one (II) made me think of a lady sunbathing on the beach… the swirls look like the ocean waves - kinda showing (to me, at least) how their calming effect is relaxing her so much that they are almost molding her very being…

… oooh, deep, eh? :smiley:

Truly wonderful! I love the second two even more than the original.