(Luther2s) #1

Hey guys!

After playing for a while in the Blender 2.8, I decided to bring back a old project from 2012 that I never had the chance to finished. So thanks to Eevee alowing me to experiment things on the veiwport , this was the result.

I hope you guys enjoy. :grinning:

(Nhut Nguyen) #2

Great shot! :heart_eyes:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #3

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

(haikalle) #4

Really strong summer holiday feel in this picture. Thanks for sharing this and remainding that my holidays are still too far away :slight_smile: But love this picture.

(Luther2s) #5

Thanks, I really appreciate it. :grinning:

(Luther2s) #6

I understand what you are feeling about holidays. :sweat_smile:
But, Iā€™m glad you enjoyed.

(anas) #7

great work man !!!

(Member) #8

Nice car more keep it up

(dimitribastos) #9

Good mood. :slight_smile:

(aziz bayar) #10

veryy veryy nice

(Valtteri Laine) #11

so cute! :heart_eyes: love it.

(Shadouness) #12

Woah =ā€™) Well deserved!

(SandraDau) #13

Great job, Love the story telling in this!

(scandalspk) #14

Great Man awesome shot.

(Bruce Alan) #15

Awesome, We really appreciate it.

(Yudit1999) #16

I really love this. very stylized! The color is beautiful!